Sunday, October 28, 2007


Yep, I'm tired. I haven't had a break, really, in ages. Even when I tried to have one the other day I ended up working - I cleaned (my room now looks about half as bad as it did) and I I just need to sleep.

Unfortunately, Dad's got company in the morning, and I need to be up. So at about 10 I'll be up and presentable and eek!

On the other hand, Mali's dress is almost done. It needs hemming, and the zip put in, but those can't be done until she's tried it on. What cane be done (I think!) is the fabric rose, ribbons and rosettes adding (easy) and the sash. Shouldn't take me too long. I'm going to put the caftans and Moesha's outfit together with a different coloured thread and nice big tacking stitches, just to make sure it all fits. It's so easy to rip out and resew then, and Nikki's said she'll take me down to try them on the girls sometime soon.

And my hand hurts. Urk. So I'm going to rest it - not much, if any, stitching tomorrow. We'll see what else I can do instead.

The Orthodox Way is next to me, I got it back off of Dad for the night. Yay :) Now I get to start the process of noting it, eep.

Slowly I'm getting there. I think. :)

Edited to add: I sewed the last major seam just then (well, finished, it was half done) and you don't want to know HOW many pins I put in to get the gathers right...

And I give you (with the exception of hemming, sash and fabric rose):
Mali's Dress prior to fitting
Mali's dress!

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Laural said...

That dress is beautiful! Congratulations on your, almost, finish!