Friday, October 12, 2007

More *bounce*

Hoo boy, I am hyper.

The reasons for this:
  • I have a great pattern for 18" (ie American Girl) dolls which has basic patterns for a long sleeved shirt, a dress, a pinafore (jumper) dress, leggings, pants, a jacket, a sweatshirt and a beautiful coat. Oh and some boots. This will be used as a foundation for a wardrobe for Amanda, modifying each of the patterns to make 'real' clothes. $15 for all that's not bad!
  • I have fabric for Bindi's dress - red, the same as godsister-creature's
  • I have more of that fabric for a semi-circle skirt for me
  • I have another 1x1.45m piece that got cut by mistake to turn into something
  • I will be washing red fabric tomorrow to get the excess dye out
  • I have gold yarn (sparkly!) and black for daleks, and a grey blue for the 'eyes', and a new pair of circular needles and some straight ones.
  • I ate way more sushi than is good for me for lunch
  • I found more of the scarves like my wine red one for sale (best head-wrap scarf ever) and bought a cream and a chocolate brown one
  • Bindi got her Molly out and we had fun re-dressing her and I fixed (hooray for leave in conditioner spray) and braided her hair, and decided that she desperately needs a new sweater - hers got left in the sun and is all faded but we can get a replacement part
  • We spent the evening at Nikki's before fellowship and it was fun
  • Fellowship was wonderful, on Spiritual Guidance, and then we got talking after
  • I have a blessed cross necklace and an icon of Christ now thanks to a beautiful lady named Thainii (that's what it sounds like, probably not how it's spelled)
  • I get (God-willing) to go to Vespers Saturday night.
  • I get to go to St Nectarios this weekend, God-willing
  • Father has promised to lend me books after church

ummm...I think that's it.

I generally feel very high on sugar. I'm pleased, and very happy.

I am going to go crash now, I think!

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