Sunday, October 14, 2007


Well...rotation. Not sure about that the next few days...there are some ladies having a SAL to get caught up on MX on the Chatelaine board and I might be joining in with them. Bleh, maybe I'm just a screamer after all...the minute I pick up a different project I get addicted to it!

I've been working on MX recently anyway, and got a bit done. I'm pleased, anyway. Slowly, slowly - there are more of the #*$(#& bricks done anyway - I HATE them but they look wonderful. Sodding things. Most of the frame of the house is done now for my North house, and I'm steadily adding garden and filling in rhodes stitch 'bricks'. People admire it anyway so I get to smile and say 'yes, it's mine' every time someone notices it. I think I need to keep it out on display even when I'm not working on it!

I'm still wanting to join the Christmas mystery, so I might wait and see what happens there - I want the materials list before I join I think.

I need to get the fabric for my skirt and Bindi's dress washed tomorrow night, and I plan (God-willing) to work on MX tomorrow, and put an order in for some doll stuff if I can. Other than that...Bindi and Mum are back to school tomorrow so things should be much quieter for a while.

I started the dalek, too...too many times, ugh. It took me three attempts to realise that doing a provisional cast on onto circular needles was a bad idea, and then after using straight needles and knitting the first three rows I realised that I'd cast on 144 not 114 stitches. AAARGH!! And I fail at getting provisional cast on stitches back on to the needles after ripping out I started again.

Finally, I'm now partway through row 9, and I've completed the first row of (adorable) bobbles. It took me a while to figure out how to do them, but they look great and they're kind of fun. The dalek itself is a lot of fun to knit as well! I'll have to do more stuff like this sometime...and I really should learn how to knit socks at some point. I didn't realise how much I missed knitting - I did it obsessively before it was 'cool', and I've been somewhat resisting picking it up again because of the coolness factor. Oh well, it's fun!


What I did today - that can wait until tomorrow. I can't be bothered writing it all now, I'm tired.

On the To Do List front:
This is what I have achieved since last posting it:
  • Order Orthodoxy books (got #2 and #3 from The List that Father gave me by Nicholas Cabasilas)
  • Find a crochet hook and learn the provisional cast-on to start dalek
Aaaaaand here's the list:
  • Continue going through magazines to find the recipes I've made and liked and copy them into my recipe notebooks, and copy out every lenten-friendly one that looks nice that I can find into that notebook for Mum's sake every Wednesday and Friday so that she doesn't have to keep feeding us vegetarian fried rice for lack of things to cook.
  • Get parents to fix/buy a new printer
  • Put the zip in and hem Bindi's green dress
  • Regather and reattach skirt for my green dress, and hem it
  • Clean my room
  • Sort out school stuff with Hamilton
  • Put each of my stitching projects into a large baggie so that I have everything at hand when I need it
  • Make up a folder for Dance of the Graces
  • Buy more stitchbow sleeves and binders to put them in
  • Stitchbowify remaining DMC for master set
  • Sort out fibres for Peaceful Paradise
  • Pull the DMC needed for Stretch that aren't currently in with him from spares
  • Go through TGOSMs that I haven't listed in my 'to stitch' list
  • Decide on a to stitch list from the JCS Ornie issue
  • Stitch an hour a day on whatever my rotation piece is at least
  • Wash red dress and skirt fabric
  • Clean off my dresser to make it a proper icon corner
  • Get copies of the morning and evening prayers printed out
  • Cut Bindi's dress
  • Cut my skirt
  • Knit dalek #1
  • Get a small art notebook and start sketching Amanda clothes
  • Finish row #9 of A Restful Night
  • Read and note The Orthodox Way a second time for Father
  • Get a notebook to write all my Greek that Nikki's teaching me in
  • Figure out what cut of linen to get from Jean for Peaceful Paradise
  • Sort out the fibres for ^ (means emailing her)

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