Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, best intentions, huh? I'm a screamer, I admit it. Hence, not long after I posted that entry on Monday night I put DOTG down and picked up Mystery X. But, it is finally starting to come together, and look good. I am pleased :)

Here's the whole thing:
24th October (full)

And here's just the North house:
24th October (north house)

Just the flowers to finish off on that side garden, and I'm thinking I'll do the roof (and maybe the tree?) of part 9 while I'm at it too. So more sable thread - yum, I like it.

I have a photo of my stash for Nuts About Autumn too, see? All those pretty harvest colours, yum.
Nuts About Autumn Threads

I worked on the dresses a bit yesterday too. Mali's dress is half done - the skirt is made, the underskirt and ruffle are made but not sewn together, the bodice is done and the sleeves are hemmed, but need the casing and elastic put on them. It'll happen :) Moesha's top is half done too, it looks huge...fingers crossed it fits, if all else fails I'll take it apart and cut it down. Not hard to do, it's probably the easiest thing I've sewn in a while.

So that goals list:
  • Fill in the gaps on Dance of the Graces with the thread I was missing up until today Got distracted by Mystery X
  • Reach the 1300 stitch mark on it too See above
  • Sew together dalek Nope, still need a needle
  • Sort out Peaceful Paradise fabric Yes. And the fibres too, hopefully :) It's in Jean's capable hands now
  • Figure out how big my fabric for the Angels needs to be Not yet.
  • Not start anything new!! Easy one
  • Spend at least half an hour on my room. It is really really scaring me I did something towards it...
  • Check that I don't have fabric for Nuts About Autumn in my stash I really need to do this
  • Coerce parents into taking me fabric shopping See above
  • set up sewing machine and start Mali's dress Yes :) And Moesha's outfit too!
  • Read and note at least a few pages of TOW Bad Kyrie
  • Eat lunch - this is serious, I've been really bad on this one recently I actually did. Rice crackeres.
  • Find out total allowance from parents to spend on dolls (parents pay for sister's horse so they give me equal amount to spend on whatever, fair's fair - it usually goes on stitching or dolls) This will probably happen to day if I can drag my Dad away from his paper
  • Decide on doll order See above, though I did figure out what to ask for for Christmas (and my Dad will be relieved as it's not a computer)
  • Order dolls See above.
So all in all not too bad.
Today I'll be less ambitious:
  • Make serious progress on Mystery X
  • Get Mali's dress almost, if not completely, finished
  • Finish Moesha's top
  • Sort out dolls
  • Read and note some TOW
  • Sort out fabric for NAA

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