Saturday, October 06, 2007


I finished the dress, and I have photos but the camera is dead so you'll have to wait, sorry.

I got a few more stitches into Dance of the Graces, but not many - I'm missing so many colours that I'm going to wait until I get the floss fairy package, and then get stuck back into it.

So instead, I bought lots of stitchbows and stitchbow-ified a lot more of my floss for the Master set - I'm into the 3000s now, working on the 37-- which is good, it means most of my set is in there now. Now I just need to give all the binders their own shelf on my bookshelf! I've been working on A Restful Night today instead of Dance of the Graces, and she's looking beautiful so I'm very pleased. I passed the 35% mark too, yay! It's all confetti at the moment which is frustrating but it will pass and it looks fantastic.

I took Stretch with me up to Troy's parents' place last night, and got LOTS done, so it's looking great. I got a significant amount done on the wings, and when I add in the colours I was missing it will really start to look like it's coming together.

It's been a good stitchy weekend so far :)

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