Sunday, October 21, 2007

Still Stitching

Well, I need to make Jeremy's spidery gift at some point, but otherwise life is starting to get somewhat under control.

I've put Mystery X aside for a bit - yes I know I'm terrible, and I've been working on Dance of the Graces, and thoroughly enjoying it. It looks beautiful, and I'm most of the way across the first page (first row of blocks) already. I did my calculations and it turns out that 1% is 2,216 stitches!!! Yikes! I think I'll be marking each % this time. 1% is just about halfway across the top row. On the other hand, there's an awful lot of background so it should go quickly. I think I am going to get very sick of the a colour, there's LOTS of it.

I started Mali (Nikki's 3 yr old niece)'s dress last night - Nikki and I cut it all out, and it looks lovely. So cute! I'll cut Moesha's stuff and the caftans tomorrow, hopefully - it will depend on how well my foot is doing, I don't really want to grub around on the floor with a sore foot. It hurts!

I started the Count of Monte Cristo last night too and I'm enjoying it so far, I'm up to chapter 3.

We got to Liturgy this morning - at St Nectarios', was wonderful to get to church and I like that one a lot.

The rats are in a clean cage, and I should be ordering a nice fat American Girl order today. Life is good, even if it is really really hot!

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