Friday, October 12, 2007

To Do List update:

I have been busy.
So far, this is what I have achieved from my list:
  • Finish this row of A Restful Night
  • Get wool/cotton for daleks
  • Get Mum to print me out a colour copy of the front page, and black and white copies of the rest of the chart (sort of - I did it instead and the front page isnt in colour but it'll do)
  • Hassle Sew&So until I find out what happened to my order (again, sort of. I got a response and now the ball's in my court - I need to get to the post office and check that it's not there, otherwise I need to contact them again)
So, the list as stands (with additions)

  • Continue going through magazines to find the recipes I've made and liked and copy them into my recipe notebooks, and copy out every lenten-friendly one that looks nice that I can find into that notebook for Mum's sake every Wednesday and Friday so that she doesn't have to keep feeding us vegetarian fried rice for lack of things to cook.
  • Get parents to fix/buy a new printer
  • Put the zip in and hem Bindi's green dress
  • Regather and reattach skirt for my green dress, and hem it
  • Clean my room
  • Sort out school stuff with Hamilton
  • Put each of my stitching projects into a large baggie so that I have everything at hand when I need it
  • Make up a folder for Dance of the Graces
  • Buy more stitchbow sleeves and binders to put them in
  • Stitchbowify remaining DMC for master set
  • Sort out fibres for Peaceful Paradise
  • Pull the DMC needed for Stretch that aren't currently in with him from spares
  • Go through TGOSMs that I haven't listed in my 'to stitch' list
  • Decide on a to stitch list from the JCS Ornie issue
  • Stitch an hour a day on whatever my rotation piece is at least
  • Wash red dress and skirt fabric
  • Order Orthodoxy books
  • Clean off my dresser to make it a proper icon corner
  • Get copies of the morning and evening prayers printed out
  • Cut Bindi's dress
  • Cut my skirt
  • Find a crochet hook and learn the provisional cast-on to start dalek
  • Knit dalek #1
  • Get a small art notebook and start sketching Amanda clothes
  • Finish row #9 of A Restful Night
How's that look?

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