Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rest Day

I'm tired. I've been working very hard the last few days, and last night it hit me - I need a day off. So, I'm taking one :) I'm typing this from my bed, and I'll probably get up, sort out some of the chaos that is my room's current state (I should take a photo, it's atrocious) and do some stitching, but I'll take it easy. I might swap pieces too as I'm starting to feel a little burned out on Mystery X - give myself a day on something else and then come back to it.

I did make progress yesterday - the side garden of the house is completely done, and I've done most of the dormer window too, and finished that half of the roof. I started part 9 (with the trees, yay) as well, so that gives me even more space to 'grow' out into. Mostly I'm not going to make it a goal to finish this side's part of part 9 before I move on, but it does mean that I can use the colours in it which is a nice break from the houses. The trees are a very different kind of stitching, it's nice. Just the roof to finish off though, and one side garden. I'm getting close to getting to move on to the next house - YAY. Here's a photo:
24th October North House PM

I got to play secretary too. My parents are buying a new car since our other one keeps breaking (it's about 11 years old so i guess this is fair) and Dad was doing the ring around yesterday to get prices, and gave them his mobile number to call back on. So I was answering the phone in the classic secretary manner while he was on the other phone, and they're all convinced that he's a businessman with a personal assistant now! I've played PA in a couple different ways
for him - typing, taking dictation, phone calls etc for him now, and I enjoy it. I like the way I'm living at the moment - I'm busy, with all my different projects, and helping Dad, and I still have time to do my own thing. I set my goals, and my limits. I'm not getting paid much, but it's a start and I'm enjoying it.

I should go back to school next year, but for some reason I'm unsettled about it. I'll talk to Father about it when I see him next, and see what he thinks.

It's funny though. We have these ideas of success - as I was saying to Dad last week, I feel satisfied and happy with where I am in life - successful, and I've got no career, no power, no money. But I have a trade, of a sort, that I enjoy, and am good at. I am reading, I am being useful, I am being a servant of others....and I'm going to get married and have a family, and I can continue this trade then. Even if I never finish high school, I will be a success, I think. My sister is freaking out about her yr 12 scores and while I understand that...yr 12 marks don't a successful person make. It's not going to ruin your career and life if you don't do perfectly on your high school leaving! Oh well. It's taken a lot of bitter pills for me to come to realise this, and I don't always accept it even then. Kyrie eleison.

I worked on Mali's dress yesterday, and it's looking good. I've found a couple mistakes but they were easy ones and have been fixed now. I might do some work on it today, if I feel like it. Otherwise it can wait until tomorrow.

So, I hope to get something done on my room and to do some stitching. And to relax.

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