Thursday, November 29, 2007

I cans drive? I can!!

Yep, I've got my Ls again. For non-Aussies, that means I've passed the first test on the way to getting my full license. I get to drive, now, as long as there's a driver with their full license in the car, and I don't go above 80km/hr. Oh and I can't have been drinking, but that's really not an issue most of the time! Now when I've passed certain competence-y things and done 50hours of driving, they'll let me have the next stage, where I get to drive on my own and drive up to 100km/hr, but still can't drink, and stuff.

Yay, it's nice to be working towards a bit more independence. I can't afford a car of my own, but the parents will probably let me borrow theirs sometimes, and it'd be easier than having to steal lifts off of people to get everywhere.

Stitching progresses, slowly. It's been hot, and I've been tired. All the work recently has been on the fairy'n'frog, and the left mushroom actually looks like a mushroom now (has the cap done, so the stalk is begun) and she's got another sleeve and the beginning of a hand now. I'm just starting work on the bodice for the row, which will be nice - lots of block stitching, much less confetti! It's been confetti city recently. I've also been contemplating the Historic Countries sampler, which I think I need to get out again. I miss it. I just got so fed up with the Germany part, those motifs were starting to get to me. Some over-two work will be a nice change, and the specialty stitches in part 2 sound like fun!

I'm off to church on Sunday...with my family, and with my old pastor and his son Tait (a good friend of mine) which will be FUN. I'll probably get a bunch of the questions on why we kiss *everything* and stuff...but it'll be good. I need to cook something to take with me for Sunday night, too - we're having a 'fasting dinner'. Basically, us fellowship group (we can't call it a youth group, I'm one of the youngest there and the oldest is 50 or so) decided that we needed to get together for a meal again, but it's the Nativity fast so no pizza. So, us enterprising young folks decided we'd each bring something we *can* eat, and it'll be potluck style. Yum, Greek food. No complaints here, especially if someone brings dolmades. I love dolmades!

I feel bad for neglecting this blog, but I guess these things happen. Forgive me, folks :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Row Nine done! My fairy no longer looks quite so...nude, and I'm getting so close to starting the froggy. I can't wait!
Here she is:
Row 9, 20th November 07
13,500 stitches done so far. The next row of blocks goes over the page, so when I get it done I can say that I've got 2 pages done (and met my half-yearly goal, woohoo) which will be good, to say the least. Not working on it now though, Dance of the Graces is calling my name instead. So Im off to immerse myself in yummy browns.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Turning Nocturnal

Or at least that's what I want to do! It was 35*C today and too hot. We don't have air conditioning, and I don't have a car. Well, technically we do have air conditioning. It doesn't currently work. So I slept as late as I could, and then lay on my bed being a pancake a lá my rats until the hotness went away. Their attitude seemed to be something like that - I am going to be a furry puddle and sleep until it GOES AWAY. So I filled their water bowl, and added ice cubes. Which lead to much curiosity, and squeaking at the cold! Champagne hoarded ice cubes down the bottom of the cage, and kept nibbling at them and then being surprised by the coldness. Intelligence was never exactly her forte - she's blonde in colour and in the proverbial intelligence factor. We love her to bits, but she has the attention span of a goldfish! She was so upset when they all melted too...

That was the cuteness for today. Once it got cooler I migrated to the living room, to watch tv and then eat dinner (smoked salmon sandwiches because we couldn't be bothered cooking), and settle down to my stitching. I've been working on A Restful Night and she's looking lovely, the row is almost finished except for about 25 stiches on the final mushroom, and then going back to frog about 20 stitches (all the same colour so no real drama) at the beginning, then I'll have a photo for you all! Her sleeves were a pain (fifty zillion shades of pale, pale blue) but they look lovely, and I'm very proud of her. All the same, I'm starting to get tired of her so I'm going to put her away for a little while when I finish this row, to work on either Dance of the Graces or Mystery X. The Historic Countries sampler needs to come out for some love too at some point, but I'm not really in the mood at the moment.

It will be Dance of the Graces tomorrow, anyway, as I'm waiting to work on Mystery X until Mum brings home the tapestry frame someone's lent me and gave to her at school...which she's been forgetting for the past week or so. It's just too big for q-snaps now. Part of me (the crazy part) is actually wondering if Dance of the Graces would do well on a tapestry frame...we'll see. At the moment she's in a hoop, and staying there! I'd really like to do some major progress on the background, I think I've figured out a plan of attack. Now that I've done most of the detail bits within the background, it should go quick, and I can sort out the far corner section for this row and post a picture. It's lovely, such gorgeous browns.

I've started a wordpress blog for the spiritual/church side of things, too, if anyone's interested. Most people come here for the stitching, so I'm not at all offended if you're not interested, but I thought I'd let people know here just in case. The blog's at, and it's from a decided Eastern Orthodox perspective :) I'm having fun.

I think that's all that's interesting here in my world - nothing much happened today at all! I do have a lot in the way of doll photos though, as I got a nice big box from American Girl, so I might post a few photos later. Maybe :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Survey fun

12 years ago
I was:Five
The year was: 1993
TV showPlayschool possibly?
singer/bandPeter Coombe!
movieSomething disney, if anything
your best friendStephen maybe?
your crushHeh
your teacherMrs Green
your idolMrs Green!
Pick something nostalgic about the eraThe star charts I had as bribes because I'd figured out I didn't need to work and people wanted me to
8 years ago
I was:Eleven
The year was:1999
TV showSomething on ABC I'm sure
movieNot one that I remember
your best friendI didn't have one
your crushNope
your teacherMrs Bleby and Mrs Richmond
your idolNone
Pick something nostalgic about the eraPikachu
4 years ago
I was:Fifteen
The year was:2003
TV showAus idol I suppose
movieLife as a house I think
subjectnot at school
your best friendTroy
your crushTroy
your teacherLots, but home group teacher was Mr Sullivan
your idolN/A
Pick something nostalgic about the eraBlack P.O.D. hoodie and wearing my cloak on casual day
Occupation:Sort of a self-employed dressmaker
singer/bandChant of some description or another
TV showAus Idol I guess, I don't want much TV
movieRecently, Across the Universe
subjectMy stitching, Orthodoxy
your best friendI dont know, I have a lot of good friends
your crushTROY :)
your teacherGod, Fr Silouan, Jeremy ;)
your idol...God?
Something about this year you'll never forgetBecoming a catechumen


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

PIF and exhausted

Well, I finally got my (massive) American Girl order in. I think we kind of scared the CS lady...oh well :) Stupid having to do it over the phone...oh well. So now I'm stalking the mailman for a few reasons!

Can't wait, it will be good to get an AG order again. Then I'll be counting the days to Christmas - I get to open *my* stuff but the Julie stuff is all hidden away until Christmas day. Oh well, I'd have a few cute outfits for each of my girls and the most adorable pair of shoes... that'd keep me happy.

Sally's hosting a Pay it Forward on her blog, and I signed up for it, so now it's my turn! Basically, it goes like this: First three people to comment and say they want to be in will receive a package from me sometime in the next year with a handmade (most probably stitched) gift and maybe something extra ;) So, come on - sign up!

I also saw Across the Universe tonight, and it was brilliant. Go see it.

Now, I am going to go pass out!

Monday, November 05, 2007

More photos

Well first I have my sister's cat + Felicity (the AG doll)'s bed:

And also, JOB after my SAL with Tash got resurrected :D
JOB 5th November 07
I'm almost done with part 2, just the bonsai tree to do. And when I've started work on part 3 proper (not just the frame, which is 3/4 done) I'll fill in the rhodes stitches in part 1 because they'll no longer be in the way of my hoop.

I'd forgotten that hoops can actually be useful things! But this really doesn't fit on my q-snaps in any kind of satisfying way, and using a hoop works very well. I have a feeling that if I dont have a big frame by the time I get past the borders of the ginormous q-snap that I currently have Mystery X on I'll be using a hoop for that, too, and beading the last parts by hand. That's why I haven't beaded anything for the North house - just in case!

Mystery X Photos

Yay photos! I got the camera back, so now I have pretty to show.

Here is the whole thing:
Mystery X 5th Nov 07

Here is the North house, the right way up:
North House 5th Nov 07

And here is the West house, but its rotated 90 degrees (thanks, webshots):
West House 5th Nov 07

Hit by a Truck

I still feel like I have been. It will pass, it will. In the meantime I need to rest!

I got quite a bit done on Mystery X yesterday, after staring at it and not wanting to work on it. I just started work on the Western house instead, and I'm going to do the three not-North houses in the parts they're supposed to be done in, with the exception of where it's logical to do the little bit more (ie the top little rows on the walls, etc) I'll take a photo soon.

I've also been rinsing and drying the silks for Convents Herbal Garden, and if I'm not careful I see a new start on the horizon. I've got no problem with starting it though, it's beautiful and I've had the kit patiently waiting since February.

Nikki came to visit yesterday, and so did Tessa, which was nice. Didn't see Jeremy, but he had good reason, and I'll see him Thursday night anyway.

And Friday is the feast day of St Nectarios', patron Saint of one of my churches! So massive festival to be had by all, and then a dinner that night for the *other* church. Hoo boy :) Sounds like fun to me, much food. I approve of food!

Anyway, I'm supposed to be working on JOB for the SAL with Tash today. I'm going to try in a hoop today and see how I go. I will find a way to get this done!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Goals for November

I'm starting to get worried with this whole goal-setting thing. I keep changing what I'm working on!

Anyway, here's time to face the music.

Last month:
Stitchy goals:
  • Finish part 1 of Historic Countries Sampler nope, have barely worked on it
  • Finish part 2 of above see above
  • Finish pages 1&2 of A Restful Night (carryover from last month) have barely touched it
  • Make progress on one other WIP This one I got! Lots of progress on Mystery X
Life goals:
  • Attend DL at least twice on Sundays Every week
  • Make the spidery gift Still no. I need to print out the logo, and we don't have a printer - argh.
  • Get all my clothes AWAY and pack the heavy winter ones in boxes for the summer Progress has been made, but it's slow
  • Finish godsister's dress on time Yes, very yes!
  • Make a bag for church Nope, too busy
  • Buy damask fabric for a new semi-circle skirt for church Yes!
  • Finish green dresses Nope, too busy
This month:
Stitchy goals:
  • Finish North house on Mystery X
  • Make progress on West house
  • Make significant progress on another WIP
  • Join back in with Tash on JOB SAL
Life goals:
  • Finish Nikki's nieces' dresses
  • Make damask skirt
  • Finish green dresses
  • Attend church as often as possible
  • Read and note The Orthodox Way
That should keep me out of mischief, I hope!


Well, I've spent three days this week in the hospital with kidney stones. That was annoying, but I'm not going to go into it because it was just irritating. Literally. They thought I had appendicitis, but I didn't. Yay!

Now I'm home, and that's a lot better. I'm very very tired, and I am going to enjoy my bed tonight. Troy told people that I was in hospital, so I got a few surprise visits yesterday!

First, Father turned up while I was eating lunch and we had a chat, and then later Maria came to visit bearing roses (which were beautiful) and a card and gift on behalf of my study group. The gift was a small framed icon of the Theotokos, given to watch over me, and it's beautiful. Elias (the one who found my blog by accident!) also came, with a card and a lovely blown glass angel.

Anyway, now I'm settled down with dinner and my stitching, and part 11 of Mystery X looks BEAUTIFUL, so I will be pleased when I get there!