Friday, October 05, 2007


Fun news #1: the medieval dress is 90% done. FINALLY after a massive argument with the facing and the bias ribbon I've used for trim everywhere else that didn't want to go on the neck...I took it up to my new favourite habadashery shop and talked to the lady there who's a professional seamstress. We finally decided that taking the facing off (which was PAINFUL - there was two lots of top stitching to hold the bias ribbon on, stitched through the facing, the front, the seams joining the front panels, the seam allowances...etc + the seam itself + the understitching for the facing and seam allowance) and simply binding the neck with bias ribbon after strengthening it with vilene tape was a better idea. So I got some ribbon that was twice as wide, and did so - it looks beautiful now, and it has one sleeve mostly in - I messed up part of it so I'm going to resew the unpicked bit in the morning, and then set sleeve number 2 in and hem it. Then it's done!

And it fits a human being - I stole my sister for a mannequin as she is the same size as my godsister, and it looks good :) I am pleased.

Exciting news #2: as far as we can tell, as of Monday (yes, sudden) I don't have chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia anymore. I can think, I can walk, I can RUN, and I am eating everything in sight. And waking up at a normal hour. And I think I could probably cope with a proper rotation again I will have to think one up.

I was weak, I started Dance of the Graces. And noone is surprised, right? Our printer is on the blink so I just printed out the first six pages (the top row) at the library ($1.50, ouch) and I'm using my computer for the colour key. I'm missing most of the colours for the background though, as far as I can tell, so I'm adding bits and pieces but I won't start it *properly* in my usual obsessive way until I get the floss fairy parcel :) It does looks beautiful though, what I have in already.

So, a rotation:
here are my projects.
  • Dance of the Graces
  • QS A Restful Night (I want this as a focus, and it's part of a SAL on Wed)
  • Historic Countries mystery (I want to keep up with this)
  • Mystery X
  • Tranquility Mystery Sampler
  • Japanese Octagon Box (SAL on Mondays)
  • White Musings (this needs finishing)
  • Noon Basking
If there are more I'll add them later. I'm thinking I'll work on a daily rotation - I don't mind the idea now, I spend so much time stitching. So:

Sunday: free choice, if I get the chance to work on anything at all
Monday: JOB, at least for half a day, free choice for the other half
Tuesday: Historic Countries sampler
Wednesday: QS A Restful Night
Thursday: Historic Countries sampler
Friday: Mystery X (I miss it)
Saturday: rotate from the following list, each saturday-
  • White Musings
  • Noon Basking
  • Dance of the Graces
  • Tranquility Mystery Sampler
How does that look? I won't start tomorrow, as I'm going up to Troy's place to stay the night and spend time with his folks, and I won't get home until Saturday afternoon. But next week perhaps :) I need to get disciplined and actually work on my SAL pieces!


Rachel said...

How wonderful!!!!!!! But a word of caution. The nature of CFS is to come and go. Enjoy this while you can, but be prepared for it to come back. I really hope it doesn't come back, but be prepared just in case.

Laural said...

Yay! I'm glad that you are feeling better! Yes, be warned that CFS rears it's nasty flair ups at unexpected times.