Thursday, July 03, 2008

I have more WIPs than is healthy

On The Wagon BB there's a 'post your current WIPs and photos' thread.

So I duly posted. And it looks like this. That's...not a good thing.
For those not a member there (I forgot you have to log in):
This thread is awesome, it's great to see all the pictures - there's a bit of everything here. Now to see if I can scrounge up photos of all my WIPs...

First, here's my current WIP:
St Nicholas by Solaria Gallery. A commission for a friend named Nikos (Nikolaos - Nicholas) in Greece, fun!

I have a few HAEDs - this is SK Iris Keeper:
Which I began but haven't got more than about 700 stitches done on. I should fix that, it's a gorgeous chart, but I'm...well I work OAAT until I get sick of a project (usually a few months) then pick up whatever WIP is screaming loudest!

QS A Restful Night:
Which needs a serious press because my tension was funky last time I worked on it and it's...lumpy, and I want to see if I can rescue it without frogging (heh) it.

QS Periwinkle Fae:
Which hasn't been worked on since last May which is a total crime because isn't she sweet? I should work on her again too.

Mystery X (Secret Victorian Garden)
This is about half done. And seriously calling, but I'm enjoying my current project too much at the moment. Pity, I miss it!

Japanese Octagon Box which you get two pictures of because I didn't take a picture of the whole thing when I worked on it most recently:
I love this piece and I work madly on it for a while and then stop because it's fiddly to get tension on. Another one that's currently screaming.

Not Chatelaines or HAEDs:
This is Tranquility Mystery Sampler (Von Wiehenburg)
It hasn't been worked on since last July. Feel free to slap me. I miss it, too.

Noon Basking by Dracolair:
This is a restart and I worked madly on it for a month or so but havent picked it up much since. Which is sad, I love this dragon.

Peaceful Paradise by Midsummer Night:
This has been my focus for most of the year so far. It's HUGE. On 40ct linen. And fun!

From The Gift of Stitching:
White Musings by Follow the Leader. Two photos again.
Beautiful but I get really sick of the bands by the time they're done. I might get this out again while watching tv sometime, it's the kind of thing that goes quicker then!

The Historic Countries Mystery Sampler
Thats half of pt 1. I know I've done more than this (on pt 1) but I haven't got a photo. Another one I really miss working on.

...oh goodness. I have issues.


*goes back to working on St Nicholas*

One stitch at a time, one WIP at a time. I really need to stop starting things. Even though I've only started three things this year...

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Karan said...

Oh Wow! Fantastic WIP pieces Kyri. Have you thought about joining us Tuesday UFO Nighters over at JA/Stitch&Stashers forum? I've completed 2 long term UFO's since joining in & busy on a third. It may help. LOL :0)