Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I feel...down, for the first time in a while. Finally everything hit me at once and I'm back to reality. Was nice to be high while it lasted.

Today has just been...ugh. I got up and was that kind of hyper-happy where you have too much energy but no motivation to do anything. So I stayed in bed and wandered around the internet, and then got up when my uncle got here to talk to him.

Mum went up to school (it's the school holidays here) to take some *cough*two large bags and more full*cough* books back to the school library, and I took Amanda and borrowed the printer. I now have copies of the charts for the motif that I messed up on Tranquility (yay!) and all of the chart for Dance of the Graces, albeit in black and white. I am pleased. I also got a neat joke called "The Lesson" which is borrowing from the Beautitudes which I am going to show Father tomorrow night, hopefully he'll like it. The librarian and the receptionist both liked Amanda, and I sat her on the library desk and sat down to read so the librarian gave her a book to read, opened it, and positioned her so she could read. Aww, bless :) Neither of them found it weird that a 19 year old girl would be playing with dolls, and they liked Amanda a lot.

I got the second Keladry book in Tamora Pierce's Tortall series' out as well, they didn't have the third (sniff, but I'll get it eventually and I own the fourth) and the four books in the first Emelan quartet. Yay books! Good easy to read ones too.

We came home and ate lunch which for me was peanut butter and honey sandwiches which were very good, and then went to pick up Bindi from the uni library where she's studying for her exams. We meant to go to spotlight and get fabric and yarn, but on the way there I got agonising cramps...and two neurofen plus and an hour later they hadn't eased. So Mum bought an iron instead (we really needed a new one, ours is EVIL and burns stuff/doesn't work at all) and we went home. We're trying again tomorrow.

I had a cup of raspberry leaf tea and it helped.

And Troy got mad, taking out on me the anger from a friend making him very very very angry last night. I didn't know this at the time...much chaos ensued. I know he's not mad at me but I'm still kind of emotionally blergh because of that. And then I went to this reenactment group tonight which was fun, but none of the people who would be friendly with me interest wise were there, just the fighting people (and Troy ran around hitting people with sticks - sorry, staffs, wooden swords and spears, and had a great time) but it was a long slow thing for me.

So now I'm just...flat. I've got about 150 stitches done today, all mushroom, and it looks wonderful, but I wish I could get out of this funk.

And I'm hungry and it's late.


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