Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I've got to the point where I have a lot of time, and energy to do things with that time, so I waste it. Not useful. So I thought I'd start doing what I did at work - making a list, and then rolling over the undone things to the next day along with anything new that comes up.

Today has been slow. I spent some time cleaning, and a lot of time sorting my spare DMC into little baggies - it's all done now, yay! Now just to get some more stitchbow sleeves and binders for my master set and I'll be set... I also found a binder with the plastic sleeve kind of cover, so I might have to get a printout of Dance of the Graces (the artwork) and slip it in the front to use that when I get my floss for it.

It's Dad's birthday today, so we're having dinner, and mum spent the day cleaning. It's a bit weird being able to see our floor! All the random chaos from my dressmaking is sorted now too, or for the most part anyway, and the spare pieces of fabric have been cut into useful pieces with all the rest thrown away, and then they were folded and stacked.

Felicity is now dressed for spring in the rose gown too, and perched on top of our piano. Her bed is currently in our living room against the wall near the piano, and people have been commenting on her (I'd just put her to bed and left her be) so I thought well, I'd make her bed and dress her up to put her on display. Amanda (modern doll) is on a stand on my sewing cabinet in her purple dress.

So, lists. Tomorrow I am hopefully going to Spotlight to buy fabric for sister-creature's medieval gown, and wool/cotton for daleks, and I plan to pick up a pattern for some 18" doll clothes to make both for Amanda and my old faithful teddbear from when I was a kid's dress is disintegrating so she can have a new one too. I have lots of spare fabric from the green dresses, and it's a lovely small design so it will suit Amanda beautifully.

So the current to do list is as follows:
  • Continue going through magazines to find the recipes I've made and liked and copy them into my recipe notebooks, and copy out every lenten-friendly one that looks nice that I can find into that notebook for Mum's sake every Wednesday and Friday so that she doesn't have to keep feeding us vegetarian fried rice for lack of things to cook.
  • Finish this row of A Restful Night
  • Get wool/cotton for daleks
  • Get parents to fix/buy a new printer
  • Put the zip in and hem Bindi's green dress
  • Regather and reattach skirt for my green dress, and hem it
  • Clean my room
  • Sort out school stuff with Hamilton
  • Put each of my stitching projects into a large baggie so that I have everything at hand when I need it
  • Make up a folder for Dance of the Graces
  • Get Mum to print me out a colour copy of the front page, and black and white copies of the rest of the chart
  • Buy more stitchbow sleeves and binders to put them in
  • Stitchbowify remaining DMC for master set
  • Sort out fibres for Peaceful Paradise
  • Hassle Sew&So until I find out what happened to my order
  • Pull the DMC needed for Stretch that aren't currently in with him from spares
  • Go through TGOSMs that I haven't listed in my 'to stitch' list
  • Decide on a to stitch list from the JCS Ornie issue
  • Stitch an hour a day on whatever my rotation piece is at least
How's that? Nice list to work from...

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Arthemise said...

I find making lists keeps me well on track. Good luck with your effort!