Sunday, October 07, 2007


I really can't think of anything else to title this.

Jeremy asked me in the car this morning on the way to Liturgy how I was. I responded "good" but Troy, not having heard me, said "hey, Jeremy asked you a question"
"She answered, but I was hoping for a more detailed answer!"
My response to that was to retort that it's easy when you're sick, you say how you're sick. When I'm not...well, I'm good!

I had an enjoyable day. Nikki had told me she was going to pick me up from Liturgy, but she ended up coming for half of Orthros (the service before the Divine Liturgy (think mass) itself that flows into it) and the Liturgy which was nice. We were at St Elias', and she usually attends St Nectarios' so it was good to have her come visit! We went back to her place for lunch and I measured up her nieces for baptismal gowns, Troy had fun with them in the backyard, and we went down to Fishermen's Wharf to the indoor markets to have a look around. Most enjoyable.

I got another chunk done on A Restful Night, too. I seem to have my pre-illness speed back, which is wonderful, and I've finished the first page's worth of this row plus about 100 stitches more. And maybe I'll get a few stitches done before I go to bed, too.

She looks somewhat like she's modeling for a nudie shoot as you can't see any of her low neckline or sleeves and an awful lot of bare shoulders, arms and chest! Very pretty.

So, a weekend over. Tomorrow JOB is up in the rotation, and Mum is hoping to get the house cleaned up. Goodness knows my room needs attacking, it's a disaster.

Also, I've got commissioned again. The baptismal gowns for Nikki's nieces (which she's paying me for) and another of the medieval dress for sister-creature, who is the same size so I can essentially make a carbon copy, yay. Hopefully this one will be quicker as I won't have to puzzle out the idiotic instructions!

Here is godsister-creature modelling hers (with a pinned hemline, I haven't seen it hemmed as she was taking it home to do herself)

from the front (she refused to smile:

and the back:

the photos are a bit washed out, go here to see a photo of the dress on a hanger and see the colour.

Sister-creature also wants one of these:

from here. And I want to knit one. So, a deal has been made.

Sounds like fun!

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