Monday, October 01, 2007


Mmmmmm food.

I went to an outdoor Liturgy and picnic with one of the churches today - my goodness, I can't move now. So full. And very tired as well.

We let at 7:45, ugh. Jeremy turned up - with Fr. Silouan! Was surprising, but not that surprising I suppose - it's a long way to go and carpooling makes sense. It was Father's car, and it stalled a few times on the way but it got us there :) We got there at 8:30...we forgot. 8:30 Greek time, meaning 9am normal time!

We stood (and then sat when Jeremy figured I would be stubborn and not sit down until everyone did) and talked to Frs Silouan and Kon, and then Jeremy joined the choir and I sat down in the congregation. It was...Liturgy. :) Divine Liturgy is always wonderful, and this one was all in Greek - I figured out how much I've learned in recent weeks, languagewise and in familiarity with the Liturgy itself. I could mostly figure out where I was, and a lot of the hymns are getting familiar now.

A little old lady mistook me for a kid and tried to push me up to take communion - finally after much protesting and wishing I spoke Greek to explain why I couldn't take communion to the lady who was chattering excitedly in Greek at me, she went away.

Ena, duo, tria, tesera, pente, exi, efta, okto, ennia, deka. I can count to ten in Greek now, when I can remember what the word for nine. I was counting loukoumades, the little old ladies selling them when Fr and I went up to get a couple plates worth smiled at me. It was fun.

I really, really need to learn Greek. Maybe I should do something serious about that?

I spent the afternoon playing backgammon with a new friend, Despina, and her family of 8 kids and two parents, who taught me how to play (and I promptly beat, then lost, then beat, then lost - and both wins were flukes) and messing around with everyone, and talking.

I think I had a smile or a grin on my face the whole time I was there.

On the way home we had a chat in the car, and now I'm just so, so tired.

I can say a few phrases now, and I'm starting to learn to understand the rambling Greek :)

*dies happy and full of loukoumades and souvlaki*

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