Monday, October 22, 2007

Dalek plushies

Well, it's not hot today. It's been about 20*C, so quite nice. Mild enough inside to wear my purple dress, but I needed a jumper (sweater to you Americans) outside, when I dared to venture out - it's been stormy and raining.

I got my Sew&So order - ABOUT TIME! Some idiot must have put the clearly marked "air mail" package in the sea mail, that's the only explanation I can give. This is the fibres and buttons for Waxing Moon's Nuts About Autumn, to those who have forgotten/never heard in the first place. Beautiful, I haven't seen hand dyed cottons in real life before and these are lovely. And the buttons! use a Bindi-ism, SQUEE. They are tiny little acorns and absolutely adorable. Expensive when you think about how much I paid for them vs how big they are but they are so cute that I think they were worth it. Now to rummage through my fabric stash to see if I have a piece of 28ct that suits it, or else I'll have to go to Spotlight (horrible fate) and pick some up. It's just plain fabric, and my LNS has a terrible range of fabric, so Spotlight it is.

Which reminds me, I've been meaning to get a piece of fabric for my Angel Virtues for a while. I should order it.

I need to contact Jean at Needle Little Love about the fabric for Peaceful Paradise too.

I am forbidden to start anything new. I am, I am. But Nuts About Autumn is screaming at me and it's little...*sigh*

I have finished knitting my dalek, too. Everything but the base, which will be knit when it's stuffed. The appendages are adorable - the plunger is the cutest. I need to dig up a needle big enough for the wool tomorrow, and then I'll sew them on and stuff him. I will have a very happy Bindi then! It shouldn't take me too long to knit the base.

For all my good intentions with my list, I found it too unwieldy. So I might go for daily goals instead.

Tomorrow I aim to:
  • Fill in the gaps on Dance of the Graces with the thread I was missing up until today
  • Reach the 1300 stitch mark on it too
  • Sew together dalek
  • Sort out Peaceful Paradise fabric
  • Figure out how big my fabric for the Angels needs to be
  • Not start anything new!!
  • Spend at least half an hour on my room. It is really really scaring me
  • Check that I don't have fabric for Nuts About Autumn in my stash
  • Coerce parents into taking me fabric shopping
  • Set up sewing machine and start Mali's dress
  • Read and note at least a few pages of TOW
  • Eat lunch - this is serious, I've been really bad on this one recently
  • Find out total allowance from parents to spend on dolls (parents pay for sister's horse so they give me equal amount to spend on whatever, fair's fair - it usually goes on stitching or dolls)
  • Decide on doll order
  • Order dolls
Hmm...that should keep me busy!

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