Thursday, October 18, 2007

Going up

My house is growing a roof. Slowly but surely :) I think that's the motto of this piece! I showed my friend Tessa my progress tonight and she's sure I'm mad, but as I told her I'm happily mad!

Here is my progress:
17th October

The side garden is mostly done now, which I'm pleased about, and the other side garden is starting to grow. The roof is going very quickly which is satisfying, to say the least, and the frieze is done now. The windows are almost done too - just a tiny bit left to do on that last window.

I've run out of space on the q-snaps right under the edge of the photo, so I've parked my thread for the chimney and I'll finish it when I have to move the q-snaps. These are so big that it's such a pain to move them and I won't do it until I have to. I'll just get the rest of the house done, move on to the next (will be the west house) and eventually I'll have to move them and the chimney will get done then.

Anyone know where I can get an even bigger set of Q-snaps? No, don't answer

The last few days have been uneventful. Dad and I went into the uni yesterday and I worked in his office, we went down Rundle St for lunch which was greek and I got a kind of sausage I forget the name of, but it was pork with orange and garlic and really really good. I worked on Tranquility, making progress, and knit a lot of dalek until I realised that I really need a set of circular needles with smaller cord linking them because of all the decreases I've done. I'll get them tomorrow at spotlight. All of his body is done, and now I'm doing the bit with the instrument panel and where the plunger and gun attach. He is very cute. Lots of colourwork but I'm settling into it and enjoying it. I like having another kind of work to swap to, and I'm thinking I might knit a pair of socks next (I never have and I want to try) and keep them on the couch next to me for when I need a break. I"m less likely to waste time that way - I currently take breaks by surfing the net which is hardly productive.

Anyway, I'm tired. I better knock off for the night.

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Laural said...

Your house is looking beautiful! I hate moving even the smallest q-snaps so I don't blame you for not wanting to move large ones.