Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's very windy today

But a beautiful sunny day, even though it's overcast.

I have exciting news, but I can share it yet.

I got a parcel today! It's the fabric I ordered from Passione Ricamo for Dance of the Graces. What's everyone's bet one whether I can hold out until my floss fairy's parcel gets here? I have all the floss already....*giggle*

If I *do* start it though, I need to get up to the library with a USB so that I can print the chart as our printer is currently on the blink/out of ink/both. I can't wait, its such a beautiful chart with very soothing colours.

I miss A Restful Night, too.

I'm still working away at this Historic Countries sampler. Hopefully I'll get part 1 done very soon, so I can get into part 2 (specialty stitches rather than big motifs, YAY!) but I miss all my other pieces. I wish I stitched faster. Maybe if I spent less time on the internet I'd get more done!

I've found myself wanting to work on all my other WIPs again recently - a LOT. So I will probably break my resolve and work on something else before I get these finished, but I don't think it will matter too much. I'm somewhat sick of all this massive motif stitching, but that's okay. It will get done. It will.

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