Sunday, September 30, 2007

Goals for October

Well... lets just say I didn't achieve what I wanted to, stitchy-wise. I did quite well with my life ones though, especially the ones pertaining to Orthodoxy. I'm being a lot more conservative with them this month!

Last month:
Stitchy goals:
  • Make progress on FFW during the Challenge SAL this month Didn't happen. At all.
  • Participate with same in the background SAL - ugh, a whole weekend of stitching glitter! Good for me though. Didn't happen either, I'm not in the world's best mood with that piece. Maybe I'd be better off buying the print.
  • Finish pages 1 and 2 of A Restful Night Sadly, no. Life got in the way.
  • Finish part 2 of JOB, make progress on part 3, try to finish and start part 4! This didn't happen either
  • Participate in JOB SAL each week to achieve the above.
  • Make progress on White Musings Yes, actually. Not a whole lot, but a bit.
  • Start *gulp* the new mystery sampler This one I achieved!
  • Make progress on MX, aim to get the main part of the house done Nope
  • Finish the motifs on page 6 of Tranquility Bloody frogs...
  • Buy stitchbows and stitchbow-ify another binder's worth of my master set Nope
  • Overhaul my 'what threads I have' list for the above Nope
  • Start a list for the fibres that I have, unused (non DMC) or are left over from kits ...nope.
Life Goals:
  • Attend DL twice, more if possible Every single week, yay!
  • Stick to the fasts I've been sick. If I fast when sick, I get in serious trouble with my Spiritual Father. Hence, no.
  • Read a book on Orthodoxy Yuppers, The Orthodox Way by Bishop (now Metropolitan) Kallistos Ware
  • Meet with Father Yep
  • Get rid of boxes, or sort them and put them under my bed not really.
  • Get desk out of room It's still there
  • Argue some more with Centrelink No arguing whatsoever. I just haven't been bothered.
  • Work towards getting my licence again Yes :) I got the book again, and now I just need to do some more reading and retake the test.
This month:
Stitchy goals:
  • Finish part 1 of Historic Countries Sampler
  • Finish part 2 of above
  • Finish pages 1&2 of A Restful Night (carryover from last month)
  • Make progress on one other WIP
Life goals:
  • Attend DL at least twice on Sundays
  • Make the spidery gift
  • Get all my clothes AWAY and pack the heavy winter ones in boxes for the summer
  • Finish godsister's dress on time
  • Make a bag for church
  • Buy damask fabric for a new semi-circle skirt for church
  • Finish green dresses
That sounds achieveable, right?

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