Friday, August 31, 2007

Goals for September

Okiedoke, it's that time again!

Last Month's Goals:

Stitchy goals:
  • reach the 70 row mark on A Restful Night Nope, but getting there. Another 700ish stitches to go.
  • stitch present for Ariel Nope, ended up giving her a candle and some tea instead!
  • enjoy my stitching Always!
  • finish part 1 of White Musings, make progress on part 2 Haven't touched it much, if at all.
  • finish page 6 of Tranquility No, pesky frogs interfered.
  • stitch something on Mystery X Yes, lots! The 'north' house is looking great.
  • stitch on Froggy Frog World for the Challenge SAL (even though I've bowed out, I can still SAL, and the frogs need love) I didn't get my fabric soon enough, but I did stitch it for the New Start SAL instead.
  • finish part 1 of JOB, make progress on part 2 This one went so well! I almost got half of part 2 done.
Life goals:
  • clear the surfaces in my room ie desk and chest of drawers Yup, and they're still fairly clear. The boxes need sorting though.
  • find something that isn't a suitcase to hang my 'pull on' clothes ie dressing gown, jeans on I'll give myself this one - this month its been the end of my bed instead! Suitcase is now out of my room.
  • stay positive Most of the time.
  • get to Divine Liturgy at least twice Oh yes! And going again tonight...
  • read a book on Orthodoxy Nope, had no new ones. I am pretty sure that this will change soon if Father Silouan has anything to do with it...
  • look into moving desk out of my room No progress whatsoever. It will happen.
  • try to keep the floor at least vaguely clean Yeah, not too bad.
  • get rid of stuff I really don't need, be ruthless This is progressing, but slowly.
This Month:

Stitchy goals:
  • Make progress on FFW during the Challenge SAL this month
  • Participate with same in the background SAL - ugh, a whole weekend of stitching glitter! Good for me though.
  • Finish pages 1 and 2 of A Restful Night
  • Finish part 2 of JOB, make progress on part 3, try to finish and start part 4!
  • Participate in JOB SAL each week to achieve the above.
  • Make progress on White Musings
  • Start *gulp* the new mystery sampler
  • Make progress on MX, aim to get the main part of the house done
  • Finish the motifs on page 6 of Tranquility
  • Buy stitchbows and stitchbow-ify another binder's worth of my master set
  • Overhaul my 'what threads I have' list for the above
  • Start a list for the fibres that I have, unused (non DMC) or are left over from kits
Life Goals:
  • Attend DL twice, more if possible
  • Stick to the fasts
  • Read a book on Orthodoxy
  • Meet with Father
  • Get rid of boxes, or sort them and put them under my bed
  • Get desk out of room
  • Argue some more with Centrelink
  • Work towards getting my licence again

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