Sunday, August 19, 2007


Everything is just so blah at the moment!

I saw doc informally on Saturday, and he said to start taking this stuff which was an antidote to the symptoms that my poison-kill medication is giving me. Yay. So now I'm taking stuff to combat the stuff that is combating the poison in my system.

What was that about she swallowed the cat to eat the bird that ate the spider that ate the fly?

In happier news, this has basically lead to me not taking the stuff, due to misunderstandings as to when I'm meant to take the antidote. And I now know it definitely is the stuff's fault, since I now feel a thousand times better.

We got to the rat cage today too, and my room. I can see my floor again! I also made progress on my desk, you just can't see it because other stuff took the place of the stuff I removed. Cleaning makes me sick, and wiped me out for a while.

It's pretty much a decided thing that I have to find a new home for the rats. I am not happy about this, but I've stopped fighting the invevitable. I am, however, fighting selling them, or giving them away to anyone I don't know. I do NOT want my girls ending up as science experiments, unloved, or snake food. Troy's promised me a kitten at some point, and that helps a little - I could have a kitten keep me company, I just love my girls.

I got my dolls down too! I have two American Girl dolls, a PM Felicity (PM meaning made before Mattel took over) and a more recent American Girl of Today/Just Like You doll. The AGT looks like me at ten, with the same colour hair and eyes, and bangs. I hated mine, but they look cute on her, and her name is Amanda. They've been packed away in storage for years, but I've been thinking about seriously collecting again recently, and sewing for Amanda. And maybe getting another doll - either a JLY or Kit, I think. I like Kit. But Amanda would like a friend too...and Felicity would like Elizabeth...and I don't have the money to buy multiple $100 dolls! I've had a great time today brushing out their hair and adding conditioning spray to it to stop it looking so flyaway, and redressing them. Much as I love my stitching, it's nice to have a break, and something that takes a different kind of thinking. My thoughts on my dolls:
  • I really want a new doll. But until I've decided which one, I'm not going to entertain the thought.
  • Amanda desperately needs more clothes. I need to make her some, and she needs basic things like jeans and sneakers.
  • Amanda also desperately needs hair stuff. She has lots of it, and nothing to do with it.
  • Felicity needs new outfits, but less desperately...I'm just working on her collection. Her birthday dress (pink and spring-y) is tempting given we're coming up to spring, but so is her Tea Gown, Summer Dress, and what used to be her school outfit. Gak.
  • Felicity, however, does desperately need her underthings. Her dresses just don't fall right without pocket hoops, and this didn't bother me when I was younger. Now I know more about history, and costuming, it bothers me greatly.
  • I need a stand for Amanda. Felicity has one, Amanda doesn't.
  • Amanda needs a bed. However, I hate their current one, and I haven't liked the previous couple either. But Troy's dad would probably make me one, so I'm going to ask him.
  • I am tragic! This is so much fun, and I'll be 20 next year. Oh well!
I get to see Doc properly tomorrow, and hopefully Troy will come with. And he is talking to someone about this whole caring for a chronic fatigue sufferer thing tomorrow - thank goodness. He really needs to vent, and he's the only one who hasn't been able to see it!

So, room is clean, I have a new food magazine to read, and Troy's given me the latest Anita Blake book (which is actually supposed to be quite good, contrasted with the last few) to read which I am looking forward to. I have stitched, but not much - fifty stitches or so on her wings today. I'm just finding it hard to do much at all at the moment.

Especially since my body woke me up at 3am this morning. And refused to let me go back to sleep.

Ever feel like your body has decided that mutiny is a good idea?

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TwistedCandles said...

Kit has a movie coming out next summer in theaters! The Molly movie was the best one so far. Glad I'm not the only AG collector on the HAED board. I've got 9- Felicity & Elizabeth, Nellie & Samantha, Molly & Emily, Marisol from 2005, AGT #24 named Katrina (got her before the hurricane), and Josefina.