Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Disclaimer: this is going to be a 'and then I did...' post - if you don't like it, the back button is near the top of your screen.

I woke up today at about 1 to Dad calling me to wake up. Finally, at about 2pm, I crawled out of bed to the living room to watch The African Queen with him - my body has just been very very unhappy with me recently.

We went to see the doctor, and got my test results back. The CAT scan was clear, which was surprising, but we now have the basic facts to work from.

I have to document each day with my symptoms, and Mum is going to get me some large sheets of coloured card to make up poster type charts from. And is going to get the charts themselves (that were printed off) blown up so that they fit, and we can easily add to them. I can't cope with the number system (0 bad 10 good) so we sat down and devised a system of words for the corresponding numbers. This way we can do a chart and monitor my symptoms.

And I have horrible stuff to take - it has the consistency of sand, and doesnt believe in dissolving. I found this out the hard way - they say take it with pineapple cordial. We couldn't find any, but we used tropical. All was good, until I got to the bottom of the glass and found it all sedimented there. I drank it...and threw up. We're trying again tomorrow. It should either make my symptoms worse, in which case I have to take other tablets to counteract that, or make me feel better without getting worse. Otherwise, it's not doing anything and we're back to square one.

We're taking Troy from now on though - he needs to be learning this stuff, since he's taking on the primary carer role as soon as we're married. Which hopefully will be soon! I'm talking to Father tomorrow night, we'll see how that goes.

Oh any my eyes won't focus properly. Which means over one is out, for a while - I'm going to get Noon Basking back out, but first I'm going to struggle through the last 40 stitches of this row on A Restful Night so that the row is done. C'est la Vie, right?

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