Monday, August 06, 2007

A Better Stitchy Day

was had today by me. I worked on A Restful Night this afternoon, which was good for keeping my mind off my physical state (still miserable) and got her second eye completely done - she's stunning, and worked on her hair a bit. Then I switched to JOB, and I have part 1 completely done except the rhodes stitches (leaving until last) and a tiny bit of backstitching, which I'll finish off tomorrow for completeness' sake and post a picture when I have. It looks simply incredible.

I'm very pleased, and Dad and I are going down to the boat tomorrow. I like car trips, scenery while not having to move - my idea of heaven when I feel this sick. Should be good, I plan to take stretch or ARN.

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TwistedCandles said...

I did my first Rhodes stitches on St. Pete a few weeks ago. They were surprisingly easy and went so quickly.