Monday, August 27, 2007

It's windy today

And I mean really really windy. I live in a part of the world that still has a lot of massive gum trees that have been there for hundreds of years, and they're waving and whipping around, and I can see them out of my window.

The weather has decided that it likes being spring, so spring it will be. It's nice to have the window open and not need an overhead light on as well, and to see the sky out of my window. I'm back in bed again, having a fatigue-y day. The brain fog is there, but not horrible. I just can't move much!

Troy and I got to my room again, and my dresser is pretty much clear now (which is very nice) and the big boxes that have been on my desk obscuring my view out of my window are now on the floor or under my bed. I'm trying to sort a box every day, and hopefully they will all be empty or put under my bed soon enough. Which reminds me, I need to find the vailance (or however you spell it) for my bed, green cotton is much nicer to see than the stuff under my bed.

I get restless sometimes, and want to attack my room, and change everything. I know this isnt practical, and I know it's just being irrational, and that I love my room (all deep hues, pinks and greens) but sometimes I just get frustrated and want to attack things. To be able to do something, anything! I feel so useless a lot of the time and I really don't like it.

I've been working on a new start...well, sort of new start. I restarted Froggy Frog World, which, when I calculated, is actually only four times as big as A Restful Night. It's very pretty, and I'm enjoying it, but I haven't had as much done on it as I would have liked. It's the New Start SAL at the HAED BB which is why I started it, but I've only got a few hundred stitches done.

Its been a long weekend. Not much has happened, but I'm still worn out. We went to St Nektarios' church yesterday, which was nice - different! Usually we got to an Antiochian church, St Elias', but the priest was in Melbourne, so went to the church we attend study at, and got to see Father Silouan in something other than black! That was different, and it was nice to see him. As we went up for a blessing and a piece of antidoron from Father, he told us that we had beautified the church by our attendance. I love Father Silouan, he always makes me smile.

It was a memorial yesterday for a man named Elias' grandfather, so we had fish and salad for lunch afterwards, which was really nice, and aniseed flavoured biscuits. I'd complimented one lady's cake after attending paraklesis a few weeks before, and she was at the door, and greeted me with a flurry of rapid greek. I caught my name in there, and she told me in that wonderful Greek way to eat aaaanything I wanted, and kept trying to feed me.

I've just been resting in my bed the last while, with nothing much else to do. I'm just resting, mostly calm. There's not much to do.

...and Father Silouan has offered to be Troy and my Spiritual Father...yay! We're going to arrange to talk to him sometime, and sort out catechumenate.

Father grinned at us yesterday and said: 'this is the order. Become Orthodox, marry, then get a house! Not any other order'. I grinned back and told him to tell my mother (who thinks we should get married protestant and then get become Orthodox) that. One day she'll understand.

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TwistedCandles said...

I LOVE Greek food. It's just wonderful. You absolutely MUST try cabbage rolls. Simply divine.