Sunday, August 05, 2007


The last two days have Yesterday I pretty much stayed in bed, and when I wasn't, Troy was carrying me. This was most probably due to the night before, when my body had decided that I wasn't sick and that I needed to make muffins, so I stayed up late making donut muffins. On the other hand, they were fantastic. Sorry no photos - I ate one that night, one in the morning with my painkillers...and Troy ate the other TEN! I have been informed that I have to make them again. Its an easy recipe though, so no complaining here - basically mix dry ingredients, mix wet ingredients (butter melted) and combine. Put in muffin tins, cook, but five minutes less than normal (so just slightly doughy), pull out, quickly stab holes in them with the handle of a wooden spoon, fill with warmed jam (I used raspberry), then roll in cinnamon sugar. So, so unbelievably good. I've never made muffins so quick. I got the recipe from a magazine called Super Food Ideas that exists over here that I love - it, Good Taste, and Recipes + are my guilty pleasures. I'm not a foodie, but I do like to cook, and I love recipe magazines. It also helps that the recipes tend to be cheap and healthy - with the muffins as exceptions. They were cheap enough I suppose.... The thing I got them from though, is a recurring feature where they take a basic recipe for something (risotto, mashed potato, muffins) and do ten variations on it. Oh my goodness. Every one of those that we have tried has turned out fantastic. Muffins are my favourite thing in the world to make, especially since I got sick (no standing to beat things, can be made almost entirely sitting down, no tricky stirring, easy) and this set of recipes has some that are sweet, some savoury... the ones I remember are: caramelised onion, cheese and tomato, donut, cappucino (this looks yum)... yay! I forsee more muffin making in my future. Bonus points to them being incredibly cheap to make.

Healthwise though, I'm so sick it's not funny. Ariel's party was last night, and I stayed in bed all day to enable myself to go. Once I got there, it was fun. We sat down and ate chinese, and it was good, and then I came home. All well and good. Came home, went to bed, all that jazz. Woke up this morning almost unable to walk. Cue today.

I did get a little bit of stitching done today though - fairy has her first eye (well the top half of it) and her nose, and I'm working on her other eye. Hopefully it will get done tomorrow. Then more hair...ugh...that side of her hair always takes a long time. But it's plain sailing after the hair, so hopefully this row will be done in a few days. The first half of the row usually takes ages, but the second half goes like lightning.

Troy and I have basically figured out that we need to get married. I really need a full time carer if my health is going to keep doing this, because at the moment I can't bathe on my own - and being christian, and on occasion (like my parents being away at a funeral for half a week) having your fiance as the only person to help you...hoo boy. We've figured out that a bathing suit in the tub works, as I can do most of the actual bathing myself but I can't wash my hair so he does that. It's more a case of I can't get in and out on my own, and it's a worry if I slip or fall asleep or something. We work it out, but it's tricky - being married would make things much easier, and Troy lives by routine and has much of his day free, which would mean he could look after me. And he would definitely be getting a carer's allowance, because even now when he comes up for the weekends he spends at least eight or nine hours of each day looking after me. It would also mean that I actually ate breakfast and lunch, and got up and did things during the day, and had a bath/shower each day and stuff - things that, my parents not being home most days, don't happen normally.

With centrelink this would be okay - youth allowance x2 at the bare minimum, but most probably youth allowance and/or carer's allowance + disability pension for me would make it possible for us to live in a small apartment or townhouse in the area where he's currently living, and we don't need a car - Troy rides places or takes public transport, and I can do that, the only issue is getting to the bus but I can probably do short walks - it's all flat down there. If I get really sick one of our parents/his brother/our friends would come drive us somewhere. So a marriage in the next few months is the most practical option. Right?

Weeeeelllll...we have this issue about Orthodoxy. Orthodox churches only marry Orthodox people, or Orthodox + catechumen (one in the process of conversion) which is very not us, and catechumenate usually lasts at least six months. We could get married protestant and then have the marriage blessed when we come into the church (we are planning on it) but it's not the most desirable option. People have told me though that the Eucharist (communion) and confession have really helped them with their own chronic illnesses, and coming to terms with them and all that jazz, and have said that priests often speed up Chrismation (being made full Orthodox) for people with illnesses like this. This is intriguing - if I could become full Orthodox, and Troy could become catechumen and come into the Church in normal time, we could get married.

Now, everyone, thoughts and prayers please that this is what happens!

So, yeah. Life's a bit weird, but I have a doc's appt on Wednesday and I'll get the results of my CAT scan back then. So life keeps going, on and on.

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