Monday, August 20, 2007

I need to give my mailman chocolate

We got a new mailman recently, and I love him. He brings all packages, and anything that looks like it could get bent, to our door - the last one stuffed everything in the box. Blech.

But this one brought me two packages today, see?

Number 1:
Selina Fenech calendar 2008
Which is so much more beautiful than I imagined. I look forward to seeing it on my wall each day next year!

and Number 2:
PR stash
I ordered the fabric - 30ct white linen jobelan from Passione Ricamo for Froggy Frog World - we have a New Start SAL this weekend, so I'm restarting them then...though, I've been thinking...and it might be something else...we'll see.

But, with that, I got the fob you see there - which is just stunning, and I love it. So I'm happy!

I went to see the doc today, and the fish oil I've been taking is making my skin go nuts, so I'm off it completely for a week and then back on it but one tablet three times a day instead of three. Ant I've got an antidote to the medication I've been taking, which should sort things out. Oh, and my forms are all filled in for Centrelink, so I just need to take them in now. Fingers crossed!

Oh and here are my dolls, Felicity and Amanda:
Felicity is from 1774, and Amanda...well, I'm not quite sure when she's from yet. I'm sure I'll find out soon!

Oh and since there's lots of photos already, here's one more - my Troy, who is so good to me:
It's a Troy

And in stitchy news, I've passed the 30% marker on A Restful Night!

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