Sunday, August 05, 2007

Plan for rest of year

I know, I know, I'm fickle, and I never stick to these, but I'm going to try this time. Hey, I've stuck with my stitching style for a few months so far!

So here are the goals:
  • finish QS A Restful Night
  • start and work on QS Cat Nap Fae for Meg
  • finish White Musings
  • make significant progress on Tranquility Sampler
  • make progress on Mystery X
  • make progress on Froggy Frog World.
  • get half the panels of Japanese Octagon Box done
  • finish Stretch (for Troy since I didn't get him done for Ariel)
  • make progress on Noon Basking
and here's the plan:
  • keep QS A Restful Night as focus until it's done, with my Monday SAL on JOB, and monthly SAL on FFW
  • then, make White Musings focus until done, continue with SALs but add QS CNF on wednesday for the SAL on the HAED BB
  • if I get thoroughly sick of White Musings, swap it out for a month with either Tranquility, Frogs or Noon Basking
  • possibly rotate these four BAPs month by month, seeing how I go. Otherwise, rotate by working on them until I get sick of them and then move on to the next one. Continue in this fashion until at least one of them is done!
  • when White Musings is done, I may start another magazine/freebie SAL piece
  • when frogs are done (heh), I may start another big HAED
  • when Tranquility is done, I may kit up and start A Most Noble Pursuit
  • when Noon Basking is done, I may kit up and start The Fortunate Traveler
  • when QS Cat Nap Fae is done, it's fair game what I start next as long as it's a HAED
  • set a day to work on Mystery X each week when I start feeling a little better
I may NOT:
  • start anything else until at least November unless it's already stated above
  • start any more freebies or gift stitching unless White Musings is done and it can go in that slot, or its a good travel piece (over two mandatory, or else done in one colour of thread entirely) to replace Stretch
  • get sucked into any more SALs, unless one of my current pieces fits into it
  • buy any more Chatelaines unless it's the last month before they get 'put away' for a year or so and I really like them
  • buy kits for said Chatelaines if I buy them
  • start Convents Herbal Garden even if it really screams at me
  • buy more HAED charts unless they are going OOP and I really adore them
One exception:
  • I *might* start another HAED, but this is a definite might. And I better have A Restful Night at least done by then...

Other plans:
  • stitch MX one side at a time. For as much of the chart as I have at the time. I have part 4 just about done, but parts 5, 6, 7 and 8 are being done for each side all together.
  • flat out attack White Musings when I get to it. It's not hard, it just gets tedious occasionally when I get sick of a stitch. If this happens, just go down to the next/previous row until I finish/get sick of that one, and keep going. There are 24 of the things, it's not like I don't have variety.
  • not be afraid to swap around on my BAPs. Work on White Musings fairly solidly until done (really shouldn't take very long) then work on whatever current WIP calls loudest, until sick of it, then swap
  • stitch JOB one panel at a time, finishing everything in it before starting the next one
  • not stitch the rhodes stitches on JOB now until the whole thing is done, they make Q-snap positioning awkward, and they're easier to do in hand anyway - ditto beading.
  • BUY A NEW 8x10 or something set of Q-snaps!! I really need some, swapping my current small piece (JOB, whatever freebie, QS, probably my big HAEDs until they get big enough) is getting really irritating. ARN really needs her own until she's done, and then I think JOB will get its own permanent set until it's done. The other set can be shared around with White Musings, random freebies, yada yada this is now done.

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