Thursday, August 09, 2007

I feel like a 'proper' CFS sufferer now...

Somewhere between all the medications, and my Mum getting me up at 7am (what kind of sadists are my mother and my doctor?) and how I feel, I guessed it's validated now.

As usual, my diagnosis is refusing to fit any normal (even for CFS) pattern, which is annoying but not unexpected. None of my other diagnoses (and I've had a few!) have been normal, so why should this one be?

I had lunch today - which is quite radical for me, but mum had left me a plate with a salmon pattie from the other night and some salad and lime&ginger mayonnaise (yum) in the fridge, so I pulled it out and ate it. And then dutifully took my fish oil pills, and now I'm sitting here with a frozen fruche thing - creme fraisch, but all moussed and then frozen. It tastes good anyway, its raspberry flavoured. I've also eaten two mini mars bars and a handful of marshmallows because they were there and my blood sugar feels like it's three stories below ground, though they haven't seemed to help. Oh well, at least they tasted good!

My eyes have been being weird, and refusing to focus properly, which has been irritating me, and made stitching yesterday very difficult. Because of this, I dug out Noon Basking who has been languishing, and worked on him for a while. Mum and I have decided that his name is now Ethelred, because he needed a name, and he seems to like it. I restarted him, after having stitched his first incarnation while very sick in the head after a nervous breakdown. He was also my first attempt at blends, stitching on linen, and fractionals! You can imagine how that went... so I restarted him. He looks much better this time around!

And yes, yes, here's a picture:
9th August

No, I didn't do all that today. From about where the backstitching currently ends, down, is what I did today. I think he's beautiful. Very, very yellow. The blues in the border mellow him down a bit. I hadn't realised how much I missed him until I worked on him again - its easy, and soothing. Maybe I should work on him more often!

Now I'm going back to put in a stint on A Restful Night. Wait and see - 40 stitches left to go, hopefully I'll have a new update photo this afternoon!

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Lavender Rose said...

He is so beautiful!!! I'm not a dragon stitcher, but I really can't resist him. You've made him come alive.
New to visiting your blog, which I got off of a Legacy Board link. I'm coming back!
Deb in FL