Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Today's not been too bad - my brain was less alive than yesterday, but that's probably because I stayed up and I shouldn't have. Blake has given me somewhat of a 'plot bunny' with Amanda - make her Orthodox. Which I could. Can't you imagine her in Divine Liturgy with a headscarf, and a candle?

In other news, I got a lot of stitching done on A Restful Night yesterday, and another 100 or so today. She's beautiful, with ever more of her face emerging. I got Tranquility back out too, and I've started on the green motif on page 6 again, after getting a chunk (almost half of what's on this page) of the cream motif done.

Dad I went down to Hallet Cove, where I looked out the window and sat in the sun, and listed the colours needed for the first four rows of ten of Froggy Frog World ready for Friday, when the New Start SAL starts. Then we headed over to visit family friends, who liked my dress (I wore the purple one) and caught up, which was fun.

...and Dad and I thought seriously about planning my wedding for late January/early February.

That bit is fun!

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