Thursday, August 23, 2007

Q-snap squee!

One of my plans in my entry where I planned out the rest of the year's stitching (or tried to) was that I needed a new set of q-snaps. So, I dutifully went to ABC stitch and bought them.

A set of 8inch q-snaps, and spare 11inch extender arms. And oh my goodness!

I now have tranquility on them, and I love them. I need to roll the excess fabric hanging at the bottom up, but

They're my new 'everything else' set. MX has its own dedicated set of 17inch qsnaps, and A Restful night has a set of 8x10 (I think) qsnaps. The other 'set' I have was made up of the leftovers from what I wasn't using, but wasn't very effective.

But my goodness. JOB will fit on this set perfectly, tranquility fits widthwise but not lengthwise (which is fine, it doesn't need to) and pretty much anything else will fit on it. It's a beautiful size, and the clippy things (aren't I technical!) are tight. Anna told me that dishwashing the clippy things will tighten them back up, so I'll have to do that with the ones I've got - I never realised that they were getting loose until I used this set and went WOW!

Today's stitching plans look like trying to get a length of thread into each of the motifs that I'm currently working on (the cream leaf and the green flowery one on pg 6) on Tranquility, putting a minimum of 100 stitches into A Restful Night, and trying to get some gridding done on Froggy Frog World. At least overlocking and 'gridding' (I only do the horizontals) the first two rows of FFW anyway, ready to restart them tomorrow. Yay frogs!

It is a beautiful day here today, quite mild, with a very blue sky. And green grass. And yellow soursobs. I am glad to be alive today.

(this contrasts with yesterday, in which I was sick as a dog)

Oh, and I'm now officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, too. This takes the collection of chronic illnesses to four! Go me :)

And Rachel - thanks for the comment, yeah it's nice to know that it's not just me with my dolls :)

I'd love to see the Kit movie, but it won't come out here. Maybe I should buy Kit now...I'm so very tempted. Kit, some clothes for Amanda, a stand for each of Kit and Amanda, and maybe an outfit for Lissie... oh dear. I'm going to need a wishlist. Gak.


Cyndi said...

I'm visiting a shop next week with the main goal (along with patterns) of getting more 8" Q-Snaps. I have a 6" set, an 8" set, an 11" set, and an 11 x 17" set - and it's not enough! I want two more 8" sets. Are we just too lazy to take our pieces off? Yup. But that's our choice!

Ginger said...

dishwasher thing with my snaps and it was awesome!! I had been fighting them for so long I didn't even know it - and you put rubberbands around them and wash them and voila! Amazing!
Great work on the BAP (I like that name)and I hope your husband is happy with his eye after recovery.