Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Goals for May

whee...it's that time of the month again.... (no not THAT ONE!)

Last Month:


  • catch up part 3 (almost done) and part 4 (small) of mystery X caught up part 3, 1/4 done on part 4
  • get stuck into hope and try to get at least something done! no, but did stitch on FFW instead
  • stitch on from the ashes during the SAL yes, was good fun!
  • participate in at least 2 QS SALs yes, three!
  • keep up to date with the tranquility mystery nope, i've decided that i hate the fabric so i'll restart it when I receive it (should be monday/tuesday)
  • get everything set up for taking my dragon to school and working on him there yes, so I'll be taking him to school soon


  • clean and archive my room well, the cleaning is a WIP...not a UFO...lol
  • get blankets and sheets for my birthday present - yay for practical presents, and yay for my parents! no, actually - decided I needed an overlocker, which I got! yay parents
  • enjoy my and Troy's birthdays yup
  • get everything together for Troy's present by his birthday! yes, all done
  • try and stitch every day not every day, some were slump type days
  • enjoy the holidays very yes

This Month:

  • stitch a page on one of my challenge pieces (ffw, from the ashes, hope)
  • catch up parts 4&5 of mystery X
  • get at least some of the tranquility mystery done - catch up to the beginning of the month, if possible
  • stitch something on Noon Basking
  • finish part 1 of JOB
  • stitch in at least 2 of the QS SALs

  • stay up to date with schoolwork
  • not go mad
  • clean up my room
  • do something about the whiteboard for my room idea
  • get to church at least twice

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