Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cuttting down what I'm working on

The collected household are went out for a few minutes to get Subway for dinner, since I had massive bread cravings and Hannah couldn't be bothered cooking since she did roast for lunch. I just got roast vegies because I couldn't cope with meat, and I ate mine in bed. It was nice, but I couldnt eat the last potato and Champers got it instead, then ran around the cage squeaking to defend it from Jez and Sof the scavengers. It was cute.

Its one of the nice things about having my bed down here, I get to watch the girls run around the cage from the comfort of my bed.

I've got a few stitches into Tranquility, mostly red but I worked some more on the purple that runs along the bottom of the last three pages of the row. I'm getting very close to getting this motif half done, and I cant wait! I think though, when I get this section done I'll go back up the top to make it go all the way across the motif widthwise, so I can start the motif on the last page and break up the monotony. Its got two colours in it, yay! Blue and MORE of this red.

I'm getting my threads sorted slowly so that I can set up my master set of DMC, and pinching the threads for my current section on A Restful Night while I'm at it. I've come to the conclusion that I need to limit my WIPs rather drastically, and work on cutting them down. So here we are: I am not allowed any new starts unless I run out of the things I have that fit a specific category as follows:

Magazine/freebie: TGOSM White Musings Sampler
HAED QS: A Restful Night
HAED: Froggy Frog World
BAP: Mystery X
Monochromatic/motif/sampler: Tranquility

other wips by category:
m/f: Bs present, Ms present, biscornu for Yr, cake for Nana
HAED QS: Periwinkle Fae
HAED: From the Ashes, Hope
BAP: not going to be an issue for the rest of the year, but I guess Noon Basking fits here, and I should combine the HAED/BAP category for all intents and purposes as soon as Im up to date with MX if it ever happens this year
SAL: no idea, will deal with this if it comes up
Monochromatic/motif/sampler: I don't actually have anything started for this, but keeping a sampler in my rotation sounds like a very good idea.

m/f: too many things
HAED QS: red witch, cat nap fae
HAED/BAP: Convents Herbal Garden, A Most Noble Pursuit, Truth, Temptation, Autumn, Wish
SAL: as above
Monochromatic/motif/sampler: not in stash but want - blackstone fantasy garden and cirque des cercles, A most noble pursuit fits here too I suppose.

So if I stitch on whatever I feel like on a non-SAL day, which is what Ive been doing, and celebrate my achievements while setting reasonable goals, I should get there. Eventually I want to get down to only m/f, HAED QS, HAED/BAP and monochromatic. Four projects at once sounds a lot more reasonable, and m/f isnt necessarily a guarenteed.

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