Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My life at home

Part of me is really seriously wondering if I could do my schoolwork semi-by correspondence.

At the moment my teachers are emailing me information to do with my course and the work I've missed, and apart from history...

Maths I definately could, and Im going to do something about it too since there's no point in me going to class when I could do what we do in class (work from textbook) from home quite happily, and show the teacher every now and then. I'm going to get my maths out tomorrow and try to get at least one exercise done, and show the teacher when I get back to school.

As to what I actually did today - quite a bit actually.

Mum called me at some horrible hour - 9.15am I think, which had me tumbling down off my bed (I sleep on a loft, 6' from the floor) to grab the phone and then crashing back onto my bed again for the next fifteen minutes or so. I had a doc's appt this morning, and saw Terry, who is my fantastic GP and even though Im a zombie he wanted to after a mostly braindead conversation on philosophy and sociology (yes, all in a normal docs appt for Kyrie and Terry) for an hour I got out with a doc's cert for today and tomorrow. I'd taken Champagne to see him, because he likes my girls and gets put out if one of the doesnt come with me - which was fine, except then mum wanted to go shopping....

I got dragged around the mall after a cup of white hot chocolate from Hudsons for three hours, almost falling asleep on couches in varying department stores while mum looked for a new suitcase (they're going to florence on thursday) and finally got to Supré where I got three 3/4 length tshirts (brown, black and cream) and a black cardigan because all my winter basics seem to have died or shrunk. And came home.

I crashed on the couch not asleep but pretty much braindead for an hour or so, then picked up the tranquility mystery and got a fair chunk of the blue motif on pg 3 done - a couple hours' work, and part of the green motif too once I got far enough over the blue to connect with it. I love the blue one, but its nice to be able to swap colours and change things up a bit. The blue and the green are both subtly variegated, and its nice.

I've also decided on B & M (future bro&sis in law)'s birthday presents - their bday is on the same day, but two years apart. I've been thinking along these lines for a while but havent seen anything I liked/could afford - but i discovered Passione Ricamo's Arabesque alphabet and its perfect. I'll find out their favourite colours from my f-MIL and then order some silks from HDF so I can start them. I think they'd be fun to stitch, and will look gorgeous.

At about 5:30 I got sick of the plain colours, and swapped my small frame for the massive one that has my chatelaine on it, and slogged away on the corners through the news, current affairs, news again, it takes two (which tries to be dancing with the stars but fails, but is reasonable enough to watch) and all saints (which I thoroughly enjoyed). By the end of it, I'd finished the second corner and got 3/4 of the way through the third. I am very proud.

So tomorrow will be maths, I think, but I might try to get some Chatelaine done too - even if I just finish a corner, though finishing the part altogether would be awesomeness. It's also Wednesday, so Periwinkle gets to come out and play. Sounds like fun!

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