Saturday, May 26, 2007

Invalid kyrie

My lowery stand is now under my bed. My 2ft from the floor bed, as compared to six, thankyou Troy's dad.

And I feel sick again. This is not abnormal though, so I'll just ignore it.

I'm starting to accept that I'm an invalid, and just stay in bed. I doze a lot - not actually asleep, but head on the pillow and eyes shut for ages. Mostly thinking. Its hard to sleep during the day, but my brain likes having the chance to think.

Goals at the moment arent anything so lofty as keeping up with my mysteries, or finishing a chart. Goals right now are things like getting out of bed more than once during the day, doing something that requires standing up or walking rather than lying or sitting in bed, having a shower, sitting in the bathtub in old clothes while Troy washes my hair with the shower head attachment. I cant wash my hair because it makes my arms ache to have them in that position, and my hair gets really gross. I am so glad that I got my hair cut, at least its easy to manage at the moment.

I started the White Musings sampler from TGOSM last night/yesterday (I get times of day mixed up) and that was fun. I now have three rows of specialty stitches done, and it looks good. Having my lowery stand here is really a blessing, I can lie here but do something productive too, and I can just swing it to the side and go to sleep if I need it. I think I need some cute magnets for my chart holder though, the black ones are hardly nice *winks*

My room looking nice matters to me a lot at the moment, since its mostly the scenery I see during the day. The chest of drawers that serves as a nightstand for me has been rearranged, and the end part that I can get to (its quite wide) has had picture frames and my lamp arranged to section it off. Ive put things that I see as pretty or necessary there in front of it, and its fairly simple. Clutter or too many things bothers me at the moment, so I'm going to have to cut my WIP list down too I think soon. OAAT or two at most (gives me a choice) is probably the way I'm going to go, though still keeping up with SALs. All my stitching things are in a basket or my trusty carpetbag under my bed, except for my current stitching (at the moment, white musings) which is in a drawer at easy reach. My couch is currently not in my room because we had to move it to bring my bed down, but I might slowly but surely de-clutter the side of my room that has been taken over by the results of our moving things to put in bed (ten minutes a day maybe?) until I can move my desk out of my room (I can't use it at the moment anyway) and put my couch back there. I have huge floor to ceiling windows there, and either I'll move everything out so I can see straight out the window, or I'll put my couch there so I can sit in the sun and read or stitch. We have a lovely view over the valley here, so it might yet be the first option.

The photo in the frame is of me and Troy at my formal a couple years ago, the half body shot of me (waist up) and the photo of the two of us together from about the hips up. Both professional shots, and its a two photo frame and looks good.

Troy is being an angel in human form at the moment, looking after me beautifully. He has an assignment due Monday, but I think I will write a letter explaining my situation and he can get an extension for it. Even if he wasnt looking after me the way he is, hes still so stressed about it all that its getting in the way of his work. It will all be done, and he is continuing to work, but he cant do what he wants to, and needs to.

I watched scrubs this morning on Troy's laptop, he brought up the episode where its a musical. It was fun, I hadnt seen that one. I like scrubs.

Its funny what is important at the moment, and what my goals are. I dont plan for the future anymore, finally I am learning to take life day by day. Accepting what God gives me and letting life happen. I cant change my sickness, no matter what i do, so I accept it and do what I can.

I overdid it a bit yesterday I think, but it was fun. Troy and his dad took down my bed after relocating me to Troy's bed, and then Troy put me back into my new (old) bed after we remade it with my favourite green sheets. It had had icky whites on it, and things like colours mean a lot to me for some reason. We went up to Ed Harry's and bought Troy winter clothes given that he had no casual ones (all his old ones were bought by his mother on sale and for the most part XL or L at the smallest - troy is S to M, usually and Ed Harry's is great. Cheap, and they have everything. He got a couple striped long sleeved tshirts that look great on him, kind of a navy colour in wide stripes with really narrow pale blue and pale green stripes, a teal windcheater in polarfleece that feels yum, a pair of pale grey/brown - taupe? pants that look fantastic on him and I could never wear in a million years, a corduroy jacket with polarfleece lining that he loves and lots of socks. Somehow he manages to loose socks constantly... They had a sale on socks where they were 3 pairs for $10 so we bought six. Hopefully that will last him for a while!

Then we went up to school to put in my doctor's certificates given that I've been off school almost a month, and I got blood tests taken due to the fact that they have no idea what is wrong with me. Fun fun. Blood tests don't bother me though, I've had so many of them in my life that I just talk to the nurse through them all. Then we came home and I crashed out, and later picked up my stitching. Troy fell asleep on my bed next to me and I stitched, ate tea, stitched and went to sleep. He brought me a pancake for breakfast in bed, and I've just been taking it easy today. I cant believe its 4pm though, seems so strange.

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Tash said...

Kyrie, I'm really sorry to hear that you're so sick :( I'm thinking of you and hoping that you get better soon!