Sunday, May 20, 2007

This week

The last few days have been rather a write off - I've been so fatigued that its been hard to do much of anything.

My parents are in Florence now, they left Thursday, so Hannah is house sitting with us for the time being, until they get back in a few weeks time. Troy has been up this weekend, he came up Thursday night, and he might be up again tomorrow night. We'll see. He's chosen his subjects for next semester and has his timetable, and it looks good. I am very glad.

We had some of Hannah's uni friends over last night for a BBQ, and that was fun - we watched Robin Hood Men in Tights and The Incredibles, and a few people got drunk but most didn't. Troy and I stayed up far too late talking to Jay and Terri, and then crashed for the night. The upside was, the adrenaline of all the people being around made me be able to stitch, which is something I hadn't been able to do for three days. That was good! I got most of page 3 of the Tranquility Mystery done, finishing it off tonight, and it looks fantastic. Now I've started in on the green motif continuation on part 4. Bindi's lost the battery for the camera, so Hannah will bring hers from home tomorrow and I'll take photos of everything or get her to.

Troy's advice for me with how I'm feeling is that I should sleep when I'm tired and eat when I'm hungry, no matter how nonsensical the times feel. My body is telling me what it needs, and I need to give it to it - so if I go to sleep at 3pm and wake up at 4am (heh) so be it. I'm going to try sticking to this, and see how it goes. I also need to see Terry again, so I will make an appointment tomorrow.

I've been thinking about a plan for the week, and it goes something like this:

goals for this week:
  • get part 4 of MX done, and start part 5
  • stitch on JOB for the SAL, and get most of part 1 done if not all
  • catch up at least two pages of Tranquility (finish page 5 - top row of pages)
  • stitch on A Restful Night for the SAL, and get three 10x10 blocks filled in.
  • sort out my DMC, and put all that aren't spares for a particular project in binders to create a master set of DMC so that I can stitch easier.
  • get two exercises of my Maths done - I'm guessing to finish 5C but there might be a 5B.2 or something in there so I will check
  • get something done for each of my subjects, at least an hour a day of schoolwork
  • Call f-MIL and find out B and M's favourite colours, then decide on silks, order.
So, a plan for this?
  • JOB SAL - Start stitching day with JOB, work on it and MX on the hour rotation (I use a timer) until its finished. Aim to finish corner 3, start corner 4.
  • Tranquility - stitch on this when JOB part is done, or when I get sick of JOB if I decide I want to continue on to part 2.
  • Maths - work for an hour, at least.
  • English - if Hannah gets the chance, go into school and pick up closed reading and Going Home. Start Going Home. Talk to Ms Lambourne if at all possible.
  • Spend a half hour in my room just neatening, if at all possible. Rope Hannah in if she's looking aimless. Get rid of all the pots/glasses/gross stuff.
  • If Troy comes up, strip and remake bed. Add blankets to it so I don't need a sleeping bag on it.
  • Call Peta and find out colours
  • Alternate MX and Tranquility on the hour rotation. Aim to finish corner 4 on MX, start part 5.
  • If I get thoroughly sick of Tranquility (possible!), clean/do homework
  • Craft - research for essay.
  • Another half hour in room - try to get clothes sorted at least into clean/dirty. Get rid of dirty ones.
  • Decide on silks, order them
  • Alternate A Restful Night and MX on a 2hrs then 1 hr rotation (2 on ARN, one on MX) so I get a bit of a break from MX in between
  • Half hour in room - try to clear off couch, start dresser
  • History - read stuff from Mr Zadey, note, start essay if possible
  • Print out B and M's charts, see if I have fabric for them - if I dont, order some.
  • MX and Tranquility, hour rotation. If tranquility goal is finished by now and I'm sick of it, A Restful Night can continue today on the hour rotation. Aim to finish one side of part 5.
  • English - continue reading Going Home, note
  • An hour of Maths, if possible.
  • Half hour in room - continue dresser, put stuff in drawers
  • MX and Tranquility, hour rotation. Aim to get at least halfway done on side two of Part 5.
  • Half hour in room - put stuff in drawers, start desk
  • finish Maths to end of 5C
  • Look for a recipe that looks like fun to cook in a magazine

this is only if I don't get better sometime this week, but the way I'm feeling right now I doubt that's going to happen. I'm still dizzy, and very fatigued - my head doesn't work properly and neither does my body. Everything aches and I'm sleepy, even though I woke up at 3pm and its only 8:30.

I guess we'll see how I go?

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