Thursday, May 03, 2007

The places that ache on my body are...

my neck
my throat
my legs
my fingers
my hands
my shoulders
my head
my eyes
my jaw when i eat
my back
pretty much everywhere else?

Im not sure what's wrong with me, but it's really knocked me for six. I just feel horrible and lethargic, and using any muscle hurts. I've been ignoring the ones that allow me to stitch though, because it's better than being bored and able to concentrate on the pain. Distraction is useful. I've got two hours each on Mystery X and my Tranquility Mystery restart today, which has been good, and i'm almost the top way along the first purple motif (ie almost half finished it) which is fun. It looks so delicate and lacy stitched over 1, I'm very glad I restarted. The other just didn't look right, and I hated stitching on it because of the fabric, hence the restart. This time its on 32ct cream linen and it looks lovely. It will be much more reasonable sized to hang on the wall this way too! The other one was going to be enormous. Im hoping to catch up on this soonish, stitching two pages a week at least instead of one so I can stitch the new pages as they come. Im only four pages and a bit make that five and a bit tomorrow as there's no way that I will finish this page in the next 24 hours.

I've got 57 of those 10x10 squares on periwinkle done now, which Im rather proud of, another three from when I posted about her last night. She's tucked away until next wednesday though, unless she screams really really loudly before then. Fortunately enough, tranquility, the frogs and mystery X are all screaming louder at the moment, especially Mystery X - part 5 is GORGEOUS so I want to get this done quick! I've part 4 almost halfway done though, so it shouldnt be too long until I get to work on the walls of part 5.

I'll post a picture of periwinkle soonish, when I get my hands on the camera and more importantly drag myself out of this chair!

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