Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I would like to announce

that I had a bath! ALL BY MYSELF!

Okay, Hannah ran it. But I undressed myself and got in myself and washed myself and let the water out and dried off and got dressed all by myself.

This might not seem like a big thing. But believe me, it is. Ive also discovered that hot baths are wonderful for nullifying the aches, so on the weekend I might have another bath in my old bathing suit and get Troy to wash my hair (hence the bathing suit) and then ask for a massage. And crash out.

But if this continues to work - I cant feel the pain at all at the moment, just fatigue and that will go away with sleep (some of it anyway) I will be able to get my purple dress out when mum comes back. And we can lay the fabric out on the table and cut the pieces together (I have two pairs of dressmaking scissors) and I can take my slow time to make the dress, sewing a seam or two a day. Slowly but surely I should have a dress.

Its so wonderful to feel human, I never realised what a blessing being pain free and well was.

The other thing I have been pondering is the idea of making some pretty nightgowns or house clothes to wear to bed - my pyjamas are all a bit ratty, and given that I wear these clothes pretty much 24/7 it would be nice to have some prettier things. I've seen a few lovely nightgown patterns, that I could make in pastel or printed flanellete (all girly and pretty) and make loose pants to go under and keep my legs warm or something. I just need to find some with minimal seams, because there's only so much I can do. With an overlocker though, it should go pretty quick. And if mum helps me with the dress, pinning seams and things, (and I can always pin seams in bed and sew for a few minutes a day) I could get it done and wear it when I'm up. Its always nice to know that you have something good to wear when you are going to get dressed that doesnt take any fuss - and this dress doesnt.

The other idea I've been toying with is the idea of a bed jacket of some sort, to keep my upper body warm but not be so long that it bunches under me when I sit up in bed. Hmmmm. There's also always asking my grandmother to sew some things for me, if I give her the patterns, or Peta (f-MIL). Hmmmmmmm.

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Laural said...

Hey just wanted to show you some support! I'll be reading your blog now. Congratulations on the bath!

You really need a shrug to wear to bed! They are the best.