Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Restful Night

I've been stitching on my fairy'n'frog the last few days, and its been wonderful. The colour play is so velvety when I look at it, it looks soft. Ive almost finished stitching across the top row's worth of 10x10 blocks and it looks fantastic. She now has the tips of both top wings, and a start on the right hand bottom wing, and two shoes. And lots of blue and purple background, but that's alright. This is really the only row where there is a lot of background in this piece, most of the time its detail or at least something to discover. I'm hoping that by the time I get to the next row (and hence have most of my threads already in so I dont have to keep starting new ones) it will go faster and I can get to stitch on her hair in the 3rd row. The other cool thing is that when I get the first 10x10 square on the next row done I'll have it 5% done. This one goes very quick, and I'm hoping to get her done soon then finish up Periwinkle.

Tomorrow is QS Wed so she'll be the automatic choice for stitching tomorrow, even if I didnt still want to work on her, which I do. I'm hoping to get this top row done and at least half of the second one tomorrow, continuing at my usual rate. Usually I'd still be stitching at this time of night but we went out 20min from home to get tea (pizza, YAY!) and its cold, even though I stayed in the car I got cold and now I'm exhausted. But you win some you lose some, and my stitching has been put aside for the night. I will work on her again tomorrow night. Mel found the final connector for my spare small set of Qsnaps too this evening when she was cleaning (thanks Mel) so I will put those together and put either Tranquility or White Musings on it so that it's easy for me to switch between projects instead of having to change what's actually on the frame. It doesnt seem like a big deal until it takes more energy than you'd realise to do it, so I am glad of that. I'd like White Musings done by the 1st, but I dont know if that will happen. It might if I work on it on Thursday, but no prizes either way. These things take their time.

Troy has a lecture tonight, so I am waiting until he gets home then going to sleep once I've said goodnight. Hopefully I will have more energy tomorrow.

Yesterday was a fairly good day, if uneventful. Hannah invited a few friends over, who were here again tonight (hence pizza) which has been fun but tiring. I woke up late today and then Mel came and cleaned, and that was nice. Other than that, nothing much has been happening.

And Im starting to get too tired to type. So I'll stop now.

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