Sunday, April 29, 2007

I have a new strategy

I've been finding it hard to get my Mystery parts done, and they seem to eat into my stitching time because I procrastinate against them rather than being excited.

So, here's the latest strategy:
  • Work each day on one corner/quarter of the design, when it's done stitch something else for the rest of the day
  • take a break (stitching something else) the next day if a break is needed
  • the something else works on a 10 hr rotation which is Froggy Frog World, Hope, From the Ashes, one of my other SAL pieces
Im not a perfect little rotationer, I'll get odd and let pieces that are in my rotation scream at me so I'll pull another project out when I'm supposed to be working on one occasionally, but it keeps me happy.

This is as close to a rotation as I think I will be able to manage this year with two SALs going - I love these designs, but I don't think I'll do the big Mystery next year. Maybe one of her other designs (a sampler mystery, or a box, or a quilt or something) but not the massive one, I want to be able to stitch for myself on rotation again. Or else I'll stitch it (if it really calls to me after a couple months worth of WIPs) but stitch it on a rotation like everything else. I've got so many BAPs that I already have, that it seems silly to start yet another Chatelaine. I've still got Convent's Herbal Garden (MII)'s kit packaged up sitting on my shelf waiting to be started! Deary me...I'm hopeless arent I!

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