Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day 4 of A Restful Night

I have passed the 5% mark on A Restful Night now with 17 and a half 10x10 squares marked off on the chart (not counting randoms from when I jumped down and worked on the shoes because I felt like it) which is really quite awesome. Its so neat seeing even more detail come out. I am getting a bit sick of the pale blue in the wings, but it's quick (big blocks not confetti) so that's nice. I've also lost my skein of 3865 as well, even though I had it when I started stitching today. Presumably it got lost in my covers sometime today and it will turn up *hopefully* tomorrow.

Hannah tried to take a photo of ARN tonight but it came out all weird colourwise, so we're going to wait until tomorrow to get one with the right colours using decent lighting. Should be good.

My arms are starting to ache again though, so I should probably sign off soonish and go have a bath or soak my arms in something warm.

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