Monday, May 21, 2007

Eh. Heh. Heh.

I forgot that when I overdo things, usually I don't get payback the day after, but the day after that.

It took me half an hour to get down off my bed this afternoon when I woke up, grabbed my power cable for my laptop, plugged it in and settled back into bed and haven't moved since.
My arms ache, as do my fingers, so I might try stitching later but I'm not sure about that.

Anna and Rach were wonderful and bought me a subscription to The Gift of Stitching for my birthday (as a belated present) which was lovely of them. I've read May's once now, and will print it off later so I can read it again :) I'm like that with magazines, I read them over and over.

I fell in love with the White Musings stitch sampler in this issue which is a mystery band sampler done in specialty stitches, in white threads (one of which is sparkly, yay) on a blue and white hand-dyed jobelan. Its 28ct, but I'm sure I'll survive *grin* Its beautiful, and Troy said I could get it since I'm feeling so miserable. So order is in, and I'll start it when I get the energy and kit. I also like the Quaker Seasonals, but I cant justify the $70 for another kit that I cant start/WIP that I really dont need to add to the pile. It will happily go on the wishlist, and when I finish something then maybe I can buy the kit and stitch it. Silks on hand-dyeds are just so pretty...and of course, I love the autumn one.

Jury's out as to whether I buy the back issues - its tempting, I'll wait until I've got a few more issues and then if I think it worth it to buy the old ones I will. Its pretty inexpensive, and it's only been around for a little while so its not too drastic to buy up all the old ones! Theres only one project that I've seen that kit is available for that I really like, and thats the dutch scissor keeper from December last year. We'll see.

The novelty is that the kits are all available from an Australian ONS, so its cheap for me to get everything (unlike normal) and it doesnt take forever in the post either. I should get the kit in the next few days, which will be awesome!

The other thing with this project is that its ideal for my Methods and Materials for Craft Practical - for CP as a yr 12 subject, you have to do a certain amount of practice/learning in your craft field that is able to be documented. Ive got some, but not as much as I'd like, and a specialty stitch band sampler is absolutely ideal, especially as I've never done any of the stitches that are in the part of it that I've got. Mr Healey will love me.

As to my plan for today...

I will try to stitch on JOB later, but I don't know how long my wrists will cope with it. I can stitch it in hand though, so I could snuggle up in bed and stitch it. At least it's over 2, and in silks, without many colour changes so it would be nice and comforting.

Mel has offered to come clean my room for $5 sometime this week, which takes that task away. Whenever I get really sick, I start needing my room to be clean because I spend so much time up here that a cluttered room is horrible. My room is really pretty, when it's neat - a striking bold colour combination that I still cant believe I came up with when I was 10, and still love nine years later. the walls are deep fuschia with an antique gold sponging over the top, and dark green brocade curtains with dark green sheets. The furniture is all dark stained pine, in a colonial style - desk (made to my specifications, I love knowing people that make furniture), tall bookshelves, chest of drawers and my bed, which is a high loft bed 6ft from the ground over my green, pink and cream couch - the only thing in my room that doesn't quite 'go' but I havent got the money to get it reupholstered. It fudges okay though, so I put up with it. It's basically paler versions of all the colours in my room. The valence over the curtains matches my bedspread, swirls of bright colours (red, rust, browns, greens, blues and pink) with gold that make up abstract butterflies amid swirls. I love my room, its just a mess at the moment with stuff on every surface that you can think of.

When Mel comes, I'll see if I can find/ask her to keep an eye out for the chart for Santa Paws by Margaret Sherry, which is small and cute and seems like the perfect project to throw in a hoop and keep by my bed for when I cant get up to stitch properly. Stitched over two on pretty green linen in DMC - easy. And adorable! I'd like it stitched for Christmas this year, and now seems as good a time as any to do it.

So now I'm going to go back to drooling over charts and things, and waiting for the kit to come. And getting up the strength/energy to get up and stitch!

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