Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday recap

I know its late, but I cant sleep. Too much coke, gak. We at dinner at about 9:30pm, go us! Hannah and I are determined to eat earlier tomorrow night... It was spicy pumpkin risotto though, and very very nice. Worth the wait!

Ive decided that the cake (Buttercream Sampler I think?) from TGOS would do nicely for my Nana who loves to bake, and the adorable biscornu might go to one of Troy's lecturers who is originally from Iceland if she'd like it. I want to stitch it (its so cute!) but I dont think I'd want to keep it. Its just not my thing to keep around. And the White Musings sampler I am keeping!

Here's what I'd aimed for for today...
  • JOB SAL - Start stitching day with JOB, work on it and MX on the hour rotation (I use a timer) until its finished. Aim to finish corner 3, start corner 4. I stitched an hour rotation, and I did stitch on JOB, but I alternated it with Tranquility instead. I didn't finish JOB but I have *almost* finished the ornament border cross stitching, about half of the rhodes stitches, and half the ornament.
  • Tranquility - stitch on this when JOB part is done, or when I get sick of JOB if I decide I want to continue on to part 2. Stitched for a couple hours, finished the green motif and added some more of the purple. None of the red though, was more interested in JOB
  • Maths - work for an hour, at least. Eh...heh...heh...
  • English - if Hannah gets the chance, go into school and pick up closed reading and Going Home. Start Going Home. Talk to Ms Lambourne if at all possible. Hannah fell asleep at Uni, so this didn't happen.
  • Spend a half hour in my room just neatening, if at all possible. Rope Hannah in if she's looking aimless. Get rid of all the pots/glasses/gross stuff. Mel said she would clean my room, so I didnt bother.
  • If Troy comes up, strip and remake bed. Add blankets to it so I don't need a sleeping bag on it. Troy didnt come up, so this didnt happen either.
I think I'll set two sets of goals for tomorrow!

If I'm well:
  • Call Peta and find out colours
  • Alternate MX and Tranquility on the hour rotation. Aim to finish corner 3 of MX, and start corner 4. Aim to get the red motif of doom at least half done.
  • If I get thoroughly sick of Tranquility (possible!), clean/do homework or stitch on JOB instead of Tranquility when the hour switches over.
  • Craft - research for essay.
  • Decide on silks, order them
  • Print out TGOS
  • Buy star stickers for Troy
If I'm not well:
  • Alternate MX and Tranquility, as I can stitch on MX. If I can stitch on it, aim to finish corner 3 and maybe start corner 4. If I cant, aim to get half of red motif of doom done. If I can stitch on MX, no Tranquility goal - just stitch something!
  • Eat something within an hour of waking up tomorrow, whether Im hungry or not. There is leftover risotto, and leftover stirfry.
  • Have a shower or bath and wash my hair
  • Get dressed, not stay in pjs all day like I have the last few
  • Read something offline
  • Print out TGOS
  • Buy star stickers for Troy

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