Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another zombie day

Not much to write, except that I got some more done on Tranquility today and finished the third corner of Part 4. I've also got most of the cross stitching done for the fourth corner, which is nice. Then onto the deathmarch of stupid filagree! I love it, it looks fantastic, but its a pain to stitch. The beading doesn't bother me anymore, I've got quick at it, but fiddly blackwork type backstitching slows me down considerably.

Here's yesterday's goals - I got the 'if i'm sick' ones given I woke up at about 2:30.
  • Alternate MX and Tranquility, as I can stitch on MX. If I can stitch on it, aim to finish corner 3 and maybe start corner 4. If I cant, aim to get half of red motif of doom done. If I can stitch on MX, no Tranquility goal - just stitch something! I finished the third corner and got most of the cross stitching done for part 4. I also finished crystalling the centre.
  • Eat something within an hour of waking up tomorrow, whether Im hungry or not. There is leftover risotto, and leftover stirfry. Didnt happen. I felt sick for most of today, and took advantage of the one time I didnt feel sick to eat a huge bowl of risotto. Then went back to feeling sick.
  • Have a shower or bath and wash my hair Again didnt happen, despite best intentions. Try again tomorrow. Showers take energy, washing my hair takes even more.
  • Get dressed, not stay in pjs all day like I have the last few Not today, too much effort
  • Read something offline Again didnt happen
  • Print out TGOS Tomorrow?
  • Buy star stickers for Troy Tomorrow again, hopefully

I'll set tomorrow's goals tomorrow, too tired tonight.

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Tash said...

I think you mean MX, not tranquility, don't you? I can't wait to see photos of all of these :)

Hope you're feeling better today!