Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Still a zombie

So I'm still a zombie, but I'm not dead yet!

I finally got around to printing the chart for A Restful Night, and I'll start it tomorrow for the QS SAL. Hopefully I'll get a couple stitches into Periwinkle as well, but I'm not holding my breath. I think I'll work on Periwinkle for odd weeks of the month, ARN for the even - does that sound fair? I want Periwinkle finished first, as I have looots of Nadia's Faes to stitch, but I want this froggy to be enjoyable, a nice, steady stitch. I'm *very* tempted to stitch this one in 10 row blocks across the top, to see the picture slowly come out, like a typewriter - like I did with Hope. With pieces that take up the full fabric with no gaps, and no glitter, it's possible and it's fun! So it will mean uncovering wings and feet, then hair, and a face, and mushrooms and a body, and eyes, and a mouth, and legs, and a branch! I'm not normally a fan of CC Kuik's stuff - it's nice, just not my thing, but this froggy and fairy call to me and I'm so grateful for Jeannie-Marie (aka fudgey) for sending it to me.

Anna gave me the fabric today at the bank, and some of hers to overlock while I do mine (repayment in trade for the fabric) so I'll overlock the lot tomorrow, along with the fabric for my tranquility mystery which I have *still* not overlocked - bad kyrie!

Troy's happy, unsuprisingly, its another frog, and I'm happy because its so completely adorable.

I went into the uni with dad today because I needed a change of scenery from the house. I met angela, who promptly gave me home-made chocolates (which were great!) and complimented my stitching, and exhausted myself thoroughly. It was worth it though. At home I plonked myself in front of the tv and stitched to It Takes Two (which was as abysmal and hard on my ears as last year, except for the last pair that I cant remember the name of - she did Gwen Stefani really well) and All Saints, and bits of the budget wrapup and a documentary on eco building in China. I didnt achieve all of the goals I set myself for today, but I did achieve a few things stitchywise:
  • I finished the red and the yellow motifs that were carry-overs from the last page, and began the blue one - got the first swirly column done, its so pretty! Ive been admiring this motif ever since week 3 was released.
  • I printed off A Restful Night, and got the fabric
  • I got a crazy amount stitched on Froggy Frog World while at the uni.
  • I beaded 3/4 of the centre of Mystery X - well, crystalled. All the beads were in, but now Ive got it on the massive Q-snaps I figured that I could add the crystals since I dont move the frame very far these days!
  • I also moreorless finished the second corner of part 4, all except the second leg of the blue&purple border corner. It's partly done, but my eyes gave out on me. Oh, and it needs the crystals too. I added the crystals to the first corner and they look GORGEOUS!
Anyway, enough ramblings - I'm zombie-ish now, so off to do mindless things like stare at chart and sleep (and dream of stitching!)

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