Friday, June 29, 2007

An update, and leaving

For a week :)

Troy and I are going to stay with some friends on the East coast of Australia, taking the train at *gasp* 7:25 tomorrow morning. Yick.

10 hour train trip, but very cheap $99 return each, and it's a long way. Comfy train too, they've just completely refurbished them!

I am taking a restful night, along with all the threads needed, and the Tranquillity sampler because I'm going to need a break from the one project after a few hours! Besides, I found my spare set of q-snaps which makes things much easier

(well, actually, I'd just lost one of the connectors to my spare set...please dont shoot me... I know I'm bad. And yes, they were missing for six months...)

So, expect big progress pics when I get back! We are staying with one of Troys wargaming friends, so I expect to do a lot of stitching while he and his mate play warhammer/warmachine and his fiance is busy doing other things, or just talking to me :)

*hugs to all - see you on the other side!*

and, here's a restful night with 30 rows done:

27th June


JOT said...

I hope you have a lovely time.

Your stitching looks terrific!

Michelle said...

Have a great trip! Restful Night looks beautiful!

Tash said...

Hope you have a great time Kyrie :)