Saturday, June 02, 2007

Day 7 and what I've been up to

A Restful Night is really coming together - its beautiful. It's so soft and textured colourwise that it seems like it would be velvety, but it's not. The very tip of the bottom left wing has appeared, and I've got lots more of the top left, background and shoes done. I've basically finished both shoes (only a few more rows in the next lot) and while they were very uninteresting to stitch (ALL THOSE GREYS!) they look awesome.

Yesterday was fairly uneventful until the evening. C came around for dinner and to spend a bit of time with the current residents of our house, and that was fun. Dinner was stir fried vegies and rice, and we ate it watching the Addams Family Values which Im not sure if I've ever seen? But it was fun. I wandered off to my room after C left to stitch and figured I'd be going to sleep soon. But somewhere along the line Jay and Tom came to visit us, both friends of ours through Hannah and somewhere between a 1:30am McDonalds run in the car and a long conversation about religion, science and philosophy they finally left - at 5:45! Somehow I hadn't registered the time because the adrenaline had kicked in and dumbfounded Troy and I staggered off to our respective beds.

I woke up about 4pm today which meant I got 11 hours sleep, which is nothing to sneeze at. Got more stitching done, and Troy told me I could get the back issues for TGOSM and so I did :) And have been having great fun reading through them.

Mum&Dad get back from Florence tomorrow, which will be good, it will be nice to have them around again - and get to see what they brought back! Dad is always one for the presents - lots of small things, so we'll see. Should be fun, Dad getting back from overseas is always like Christmas.

Anyway, I have magazines to read and sleep to get so this will be a short one. And yes I know I was bad for staying up last night.

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