Monday, June 11, 2007

Goals again

I havent been posting much this weekend. I'm a little out of sorts - havent been stitching much either, just sleeping or being busy with other things. I set goals last week, and here they are:
  • Finish to the end of row 20 this week, try for row 40 Yep, did up to the end of row 20 and started the next row of blocks. Didnt get very far in though, maybe 200 stitches for the total 1500 for the row
  • Get one side of MX 1/4 done, try for 1/2 nope, didnt happen. I didn't stitch on chatelaines at all this week, my stitching mojo has just run off and hid somewhere.
  • Enjoy my stitching I guess, I've just been so out of sorts that stitching hasn't happened the last few days
  • Finish the current rows on White Musings, do the next one I didn't finish them, but I did make considerable progress
  • Try to get the red motif on tranquility 3/4 done nope, havent touched it. I need to overlock it down so that it will fit on Anna's scroll rods and I can stitch it properly!
  • Go to the library nope, didnt happen
  • Buy new pyjamas no, haven't convinced mum yet
  • Choose prints no I completely forgot!
  • Sort out at least some of the clothes in a pile in my room yes I did, a few. Hopefully i will do more this week!
  • Organise another binder-full of thread (4 stitchbow sheets) no, I still need to buy more stitchbows and sheets
  • Take overdue library books back nope, forgot
  • Try to feel better! it's been up and down so I dont know whether I achieved this!
I said if I achieved half of them I'd be happy. This last week has been so weird, I don't know what to think. I've been in a funk the last few days which isnt useful, including staying up until stupid hours even though I dont have to because I either can't sleep or stubbornly won't, for no good reason. Which is not useful at all, given my illness. So goals for this week:
  • get to bed (sleeping) at or around 10:30, 11 at latest at least four nights this week
  • finish red motif on tranquility, try to finish row
  • finish row 30 on a restful night, try for row 40
  • finish current rows on white musings (diamond rhodes variation and oval darning stitch) try to start next row, which would get part 1 finished when it's done
  • choose prints
  • work on a chatelaine this week for at least an hour, try for both!
  • enjoy my stitching
  • stitch at least four days this week
  • follow the exercise pattern - walk from gate to gate three times, rest for an hour, do again one day, rest the next day doing lying on the floor exercises
  • drink more water
  • get out of this funk
  • read a book
Troy, his brother M and I went to the movies this afternoon (M's treat!) to see POTC 3 which we loved. Much pirates and fights and music and ships and...yay. Plot? Who cares about plot, though it wasn't bad. I also bought another big stuffed (plush) red eyed green tree frog (about the size of the average fluffy cat) to match Troy's that I gave him for christmas and have wanted ever since I bought it. His is named Fang, mine is as yet unnamed but determinedly female (Fang's mate) and they had smaller versions too - I melted, and walked away with a small one too (baby frog!) which we have called Squirt but his name is open to being changed. They are adorable, and I need a photo of the froggy family now. M dropped Troy and I at the entrance to the mall so that I didn't have to walk far, then went to find a park, and when he met us at the cinema we found out that the tickets were all sold out. So we bought tickets for an hour later, and went down to the coffee shop near there for chai lattes for M and I (very nice, I might add) and Troy wandered off to get a carrot, apple, ginger and celery boost juice (which was nice, I stole some) and M ordered nachos and wedges, both of which Troy and I pilfered. M bought us lollies too - skittles for Troy and natural snakes for me (yum!) and water as well because sugar has always given me headaches, much more now!

So today was pretty good, I just wish I could shake this funk.

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Tash said...

Glad to hear you got out of the house to the movies today! If you can't work on JOB, don't worry, yesterday was the first time in weeks I've touched it.

Oooh, let me know what prints you get :) I'm jealous, I want to get some too.