Sunday, June 03, 2007

Day 9

Mum and Dad got back this morning, and I got up about 10 to go see them and get prezzies and things like that.

They got Troy an incredible Harlequin mask from Venice (the proper paper mache, hand made kind) in red and black, and for us three girls (Bindi, Hannah and I) there were Venetian beads (absolutely beautiful) and pashmina shawls. Hannah's beads are teal, Bindi's are red and mine are deep blue, all with gold accents on them, and my pashmina is done in blues and greens while Hannah's is purple and brown and Bindi's is different browns. I will get photos of everything when I can, but our cameras are all broken at the moment (!) so I will have to do them when I can.

I stayed up to talk for a little while, then fell asleep again, and woke up at about 5 to stitch, play KOL and eat dinner. I was falling asleep on the table so I came back up here to stitch, and I've started the right hand top wing for this section and it looks incredible, as usual. I've also finished the second shoe, which was a pain but is worth it. The rest of this part should go fairly quick, so I will have this row done pretty soon so I can start the next one - mostly wings, a little background, the ends of the shoes and HAIR! I can't wait to see the yellows, it will be such a breath of fresh air even if it will be confetti - I know it will be, hair always is. After that it will simply be progressing down over her hair and face with the wings until I get to the mushrooms in a while, but that's plenty of interest for me.

I thought maybe I'd break my monthly goals up into weekly goals, to try and keep me on track. So here we are:
  • Finish to the end of row 20 this week, try for row 40
  • Get one side of MX 1/4 done, try for 1/2
  • Enjoy my stitching
  • Finish the current rows on White Musings, do the next one
  • Try to get the red motif on tranquility 3/4 done
  • Go to the library
  • Buy new pyjamas
  • Choose prints
  • Sort out at least some of the clothes in a pile in my room
  • Organise another binder-full of thread (4 stitchbow sheets)
  • Take overdue library books back
  • Try to feel better!
I know these are all really lofty, but if I could achieve half those goals I would be pleased. So we'll see how on track I am next weekend!

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