Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm having trouble thinking of titles

and I think I need an early night tonight. I just feel blech.

I havent stitched on A Restful Night since last week. And I haven't stitched at all since Friday.
For some reason I just have no motivation to do so. My mind is jumping around the idea of starting a grandmother's flower garden quilt, which is highly unhelpful, and I am just feeling out of sorts. Very out of sorts.

I dont know exactly when I got to sleep last night. Probably about 12. I was obsessing about the test I was having this morning, petrified that it would go badly (they warn you not to have it if you are allergic to stuff or asthmatic - i'm not, but paranoid) and finally Troy gave me some sedative tea, figured out what the test was, informed me that he'd had it and he's not dead yet, and I went back to bed and fell asleep. I woke up at 7:30, because I needed to have my hair washed desperately and Troy used the last of the hot water last night. Staggering out the door with a blanket, my stitching bag, a book and a spare pillow Dad and I drove to the city to the hospital to have this test. He dropped me off next to the building and it should have been fine, except that the entrance makes no sense. After wandering around lost in the very cold air (it was about 8:30) I asked for help and got directed to the right place, filled out my forms and sat down. Dad found me, and the nurse took us to the room in which they were going to do the test - and there was a guy sitting there doing paperwork. Not useful. So they put me on a bed in the room where they do the quick tests, blood tests etc, and pulled the curtain around me, but it was cramped and there were a lot of people in there. I had to rest for ten minutes before the test, and they set the timer - and promptly forgot about me. About half an hour later Dad went to investigate, and another nurse came and took the first lot of blood - and it was the most painful blood test I've ever had, though it was fairly on par with the other two I had this morning... anyway, they gave me the injection which hurt a LOT, and I got to lie down and talk to Dad and sort of doze, as I was sleepy and the injection made me sleepier, with blood drawn after 30 minutes, then again after another 30. After some water we staggered out and up to Dad's office, where I flopped in a chair and read - no point trying to stitch, even if I'd had my bag. At about 12 Dad had to go feed the meter, so he did and brought my pillow and blanket back, leaving them in his office. We wandered down to Rundle St (about a block away) for a very nice pizza and back, and I curled up under the spare desk in his office (does every professor have a spare desk in their office, or is it just me?) with the pillow and surprisingly fell asleep! About 3 Dad woke me up and we went to pick Bindi up from school and come home.

I've had a headache all night, and felt generally miserable. It's not useful but I dont know why I feel like this. Stupid tests.

Tomorrow is QS Wednesday, and hopefully I'll get ARN back on the frame so I can work on her. I miss her. It would be nice to get to the hair, and if I could stitch at anywhere near my normal pace I'd make that fairly easily. I dont know. We'll see.

My room is a tip, and I'm not happy about it, but with this headache and fatigue there's no chance of me doing much with it. At the moment I will be happy to fall asleep tonight.

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Laural said...

I hope your headache went away! I'm sorry you had to do one of those tests I hate them quite a bit. I hope you are feeling better today.