Friday, June 15, 2007

Lost: one stitching mojo. Also ratlets!

I currently have no inclination whatsoever to stitch. Which is not useful. I'm thinking of digging through my stash of TGOSM magazines though (Anna and Rach got me a subscription, then I bought the back issues) and finding a small piece that I can do easily and see if I can get my mojo back. It doesnt help that my arms are aching though - constant fatigue in my upper arms, my wrists and my fingers is fairly normal.

I think most of all though, I really need to get into a good sleeping pattern. Going to be early and getting up at a reasonable hour, consistently. I havent really slept well (except last night) in about a week, and I think it's starting to show. Maybe if I get some decent sleep I'll feel like stitching again! Even if I just stitch a bookmark or something. We'll see. I also have a massive sampler (on 14ct aida - before I discovered linen and such things) which is absolutely beautiful, and the only thing left to do on it is finishing the backstitched border (about 20cm of it) and adding the detail backstitching to a tiny blue wren - its beak, and legs. That's it! And it's been waiting for me to finish it (everything else done) since late's sad. It's next to my bed though, so I might try to put a few stitches into it tomorrow and get it done. It desperately needs a wash, but with some orvus it should be good. Its all australian trees, birds and flowers, and I found it in ancient Womans Weekly craft book. It's actually one of three samplers, and I've started the second one (which is meant to go with the first as a framed pair) but never got around to it due to discovering linen. It might also be a candidate for something simple to do in the meantime - I'd fly, given usually I stitch quite fast over one or two on 32ct as compared to 14ct aida! The second sampler is all bands of flowers and things though, which isnt the most interesting thing to do (the other had big picture parts to it as well as bands) but right now I think that just having something simple to stitch is what the doctor ordered. We'll see. I really want to get A Restful Night done, I just can't get myself to work on her!

I also welcomed two members of my family yesterday - two darling little rex ratlets (baby rats). One is white with a black face and blaze (Amina - honest, faithful in arabic) and the other is completely black with a few brown spots (Jemima - dove in hebrew) and they are adorable, with the sweetest curled whiskers!

Photos - because you know I had to have them!

a blurry (but very cute) photo of Amina on my hand - I have tiny hands, and you can see how big she is compared to my hand! And yes, my bedroom walls are fuschia pink and gold.

Jemima (and Amina, hiding) on my arm.

Amina again, in the cage being fluffy and cute.

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